CFL Movie!

Yes you heard it right a CFL movie right out of Hollywood.


[url=] ... 0Movie.mp3[/url]

click on arrow on web page when viewed

Thats funny 2005.

Question, all I got was Audio, my screen was black...was there supposed to be video as well? I clicked every arrow I could find, but only audio.

Same here, I couldn't see any clip (unless it is only audio?)

i too only got audio

Same with me

I think you may need some form of Codec installed, when i get home from work i'll let you know which one and where to get it

NO only audio because it is from the morning show on Fan960 radio. It is suppose to be an advertisement of the Movie! Some of Mike Richards stuff is funny but most is moronic. :lol:

Thanks for the explanation 2005.....It was funny, a two minute video should be made....just for fun!

That would be funny the best comdey in a long time no doubt. But hey those Eskie fans should be proud of their franchise. It is fun to poke fun at them once in a while. :lol: