CFL moves to prevent game cancellations due to COVID-19

TORONTO – The Canadian Football League has introduced a policy that will apply to any game cancellations caused by COVID-19 issues.

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I believe Danny Maciocia recently said that 86% of the Als were vaccinated. Now, we know why that number is important.

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Same rule with the NFL I believe that if a game can't be rescheduled due to Covid, they will given a 1-0 loss. If both teams have Covid issues then both will get a loss.

Money lost if the game is not played is an incentive to get vaccinated if not done so already.


Standings would look odd if both teams had a loss
Or if a playoff game ended with both teams losing (next round team gets a bye?)

Since we are talking a single shot I doubt it will be an issue

So the grey cup could be a forfeit

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could be interesting. Going into the playoffs, only 1 team left that can still play, The last team with say 3-11 gets the cup.

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So get vaccinated if it’s either get paided or not seems pretty simple


Shouldn't they all have been fully vaccinated before training camps even started? Some of this stuff is just mind boggling.

Craig Dickenson said the Riders are close but not one of the teams over 85%.

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So you lose a wage because the guy next to you chose not to take a vaccine.

I'm sure more players would've opted out of the season if this would've been clear at the beginning of camp.

Seems ridiculous

It is called peer pressure. You do not want to be the one who takes money away from the pockets of your teammates. If a player is that set against vaccines, they can just break the covid protocols as that is a legitimate cause for getting a release.

Elks plan on rotating their 3 backup QB's in quarantine. So if an outbreak happens within the team, they will not be forced to use somebody whose normal position is not a signal caller.


Would you be open to losing wages because a guy at your office is unwilling to vaccinate?

Wonder if Ambrosie is going to implement the same policy in head office?

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he is just putting the onus on players and teams to do everything they can to keep themselves and others healthy. Unfortunately, there are so many that need to face a penalty in order to do right

The flip side is as long as at least 85% of the team is vaccinated with at least one dose, players will get their full pay for the cancelled game....a game that would be next to no revenue for the owners.

Trouble is even if you do "what's right" in your eyes you still might not get paid.

It's not just the anti vaxxers that face penalties, it's those that signed contracts two or three years ago on a club that just happen to end up on the same team as an anti vaxxer.

The new "rules" come out two days before the start of the season leaving players no alternatives. Seems like this policy should've been implemented before camp

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CFLPA up in arms over some of the terms and conditions
Claims the threat will never hold up in arbitration

After final cuts, 3 teams pass the 85% threshold so guaranteed no pay cuts
6 teams end up below the 85% threshold (ranges from 81% down to 67%, league average is 79%)

Going to place this here

Edmonton Elks COVID protocols -

Only 1 regular season game in out of 63 in the books. Don't think anyone wants to start trying to move games around so soon.

Doesn't seem serious but time will tell.

Could be a bad domino

Argos would win by forfeit if it can't be rescheduled.

I move that both head coaches have a good old-fashioned duel using pistols with paintball ammunition. Whoever wins gets the win. If both are hit, then it's the best two out of three. If still tied, well then losers they remain all the same but a good time was had by all.

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