Cfl Most Under rated players

Since there was a topic aboiut the most over rated player i thought to do the most underrated player

Our much under used Timmy Chang keep Holding that clip board Maas's arm is say at 90%

Every Offensive Lineman and blocking Full back is under rated /under applauded…?

Very true. I would include receiver Andre Talbot of the Blue Team. For all of Suitor's "Bruce Almighty" blathering, Andre is the most clutch guy they have. I HATE watching him play against the Tabbies because I know he's going to get them good at some point in the game.

It's maybe not on the Garney Henley nemesis scale for Blue Team fans (NOT EVEN CLOSE LMAO), but I appreciate Talbot and would love to see him in Black and Gold one day.

Oski Wee Wee,

I believe that both Wayne Smith and DJ Fick are underated. They don’t jump around like a PeeWee football player, they just go out and do their jobs.

Cahoon and Joe Smith

Cahoon doesn't get the props he deserves from the media, but you can bet every single team knows about him.

I think that the entire Bombers d-line - when healthy - doesn't get as much attention as they deserve, largely because of Roberts, Glenn, and Stegall on the other side of the ball.

Mike O'shea! did you see him playing last night with the bloody nose.

LMAO hes one of the most overrated bud wrong topic! and ill say paris jackson probally or perry on the riders is a dominant player and hes never talked about

Read it again
I was being sarcastic!