CFL most popular player?

Who do you think is the most popular player in the CFL?

Not necessarily your favorite guy but someone who is popular across the league with fans.

My guess is that it is Mike Reilly. I think he is genuinely liked by most fans.

If he was still playing it would be Pinball hands down, but currently, yes I think I’d say Reilly too.

It’s gotta be that guy who plays QB in Montreal . I mean how can’t it be ? Dudes got like a bazillion followers on Instagram , sold another gazillion jerseys , won some sort of trophy or something while in College , played in the Big Boy League with the Brownies etc etc . Yup , no question about it , it has to be that good old Johnny “What’s his name” fella hands down . :smiley:

…I was thinking the same thing…


Who else is even close?

I vote for Kevin Glenn! But he "get's no respect".

Yep…I think he’s a good choice too. Hard not to like. (and respect hopefully as he deserves that)

I wouldn’t say most ‘popular’ but not sure there’s a nicer guy in the CFL than Travis Lulay. Guy is just solid. Plus someone who’s been to hell and back re-habbing so many injuries…well, it’s hard not to root for the guy.

Very true about Lulay.
I really hope this new regime will retain him after his playing days are done. Claybrooks, at this point, seems to be fixed on hiring his ex teammates. It seems that Jarious Jackson and Howell were only retained because of remaining term on their contracts. A by product probably of the new cap rules.

Not sure if most popular but most talked about last season, of course Johnny football.
I’ll show my age, in my day it was (in my opinion of course lol) the ordinary superstar, Johnny Rogers of the Als

Has to be a Canadian. Andrew Harris or else Brad Sinopoli maybe?


Why would it have to be a Canadian?