Each year a group of 10 of us get together to pick the CFL MOP. We each throw $100 into a pot and winner takes all. If there is no winner we carry over. Last year no one had Cornish so it's a big pot this year.
Here's the thread to last years picks:


This year-the picks in order:

  1. Durant
  2. Ray
  3. S. Logan
  4. Glenn ( mine. have a feeling Lulay will be limited all year)
  5. C.J. Gable
  6. Stamps
  7. Burris
  8. Collaros
  9. Chevron Walker

Who do you guys like?


Who knows, should be interesting to see how it all develops this year and who stands out.

I think Logan is a very good pick. He's the kind of guy that could rack up a ga-jillion all purpose yards and all of them on the hilite reel.

Yeah...duplicate picks are not allowed of course but of the 10 guys in this pool probably 8 liked Logan or Durant as their top pick.

I'm going Ricky Ray. If he has a year even close to what he had last year, for a full year, he'll be MOP.