This weekend marks a decade long tradition for a group of 10 of us. We get together over pitchers of beer and each throw $100 into a pot. Then we pick our choice of CFL MOP.

If you want to change the pick anytime up to opening kick-off you can but it’ll cost $10/week going forward until opening kick-off. So if in say, 6 weeks you want to make a change it’ll cost $60

Pot carries over if no one wins. Last year one guy had Owens (who knew??) and had a huge payday as no one had Lulay the year before.

No duplicates

So I’m opening with Darian Durant. Its his time I think.

Who do you like?

mike reilly

I have all the faith in the world in Number 14. My vote is for Lulay all the way.

Buck Pierce... Also Grey Cup MVP...At the GreyCup in OT, he will dive head first into the enzone for the winning TD, but will be knocked unconcious, ending his career.

ooh ooh ooh, I know

C. Williams

That's a great pool & a fantastic idea.

I like the DD selection. I think/hope he has a an absolutely great year ahead of him & I'm not even a Rider fan.

My choice will fall into the "Tried & True" category though. I'm gonna say AC. #13 will win MOP as he exits stage left into retirement in 2013!

It's just too perfect to pass up & deny.

Anthony Calvillo. Richardson, Green and Bruce will be far too much for any team to handle.

A lot of the elite QBs in the cfl are getting old and will probably miss a few games to injury which will affect their stat line. I'm going with Fred Stamps or Jamel Richardson.

Interesting. Could probably make a LOT of $ if you can find an online site and you're right.

You made a terrific choice.

Ok after a night of debauchery here were the picks in order:

Durant (mine)
Simpson (last years winner with Owens)
Pierce (yup…I kinda like this pick actually. Mind you the guy picking him was in a cast with a broken arm. :lol: )

I'll second that choice as well; Darian Durant.