CFL mock draft

Well, we are roughly a week away, and i am a huge fans of mock drafts and prospects, so heres my first round. feel free to add your own.

  1. Hamilton- WR Samuel Giguere Sherbrooke- This is a tough spot to be in. WR is not a very glaring need for the cats, but Giguere could turn this receiving core into one of the best in the game. The team does need help on defense in the back and front ends, but these needs can be filled in the later rounds.

  2. Edmonton- DT Keith Shologan UCF- To undersized for the NFL, but just right for the CFL. He reminds me of JP Bekasiak, but quicker. The fact he is a hometown boy is a bonus. Help is also needed on the offensive front and receiving core, but these can be dealt with in the 2nd round.

  3. Calgary- DB Dylan Barker SSK.- The Stampeders need huge upgrades on defense everywhere, and this is a great player to build the secondary around. An offensive lineman wouldn't hurt either, but this draft is stocked with them.

  4. Montreal- LB Jason Arakgi McMaster- They did add Reggie Hunt, but linebacker is still a need. O-line is a need, and there is a huge gap in the middle with the departure of Dario Romero, but this is a solid pick.

  5. Saskatchewan- LB Shea Embry UBC- To bad this wasn't the NFL draft, because if it was i could gaurantee this selection to be a QB. unfortanetly it is not. We may see local Saskatchewan product Taele Orban go in a later round, but for now, assuming they don't trade up for Barker, this selection is Embry. He is a solid player that will help fill the void Hunt left.

  6. BC- OL Andrew Woodruff Boise State- you can never have enough good o-lineman, especially Canadian guys. It's pretty hard to find a void on the BC roster, so they are building for depth, and boy does this guy bring it, at 6'3 and 331 lbs he could probably start for a few teams.

  7. Winnipeg- WR Terry Firr Manitoba- Another good weapon to add to Kevin Glenn's arsenal, and a local guy to boot. Some secondary or o-line help can also be used, but Winnipeg is another one of those teams where it's hard to find a major hole.

  8. Hamilton- LB Dan Bass JR. Alberta- Adds another linebacker to the Tiger-Cats young but talented linebacking corps. It's a family tradition playing for the cats. I wouldn't be surprised if Woodruff fell to here, but this is a quality selection.

Very good Mock I Think See Hamilton Trade down.
to 3 or #5 and Pick up a Starting Player …

Stamps or Riders will Take DB Dylan Barker
Hamilton will take wr with 8th pick

I have my Mock Ready Thursday.

Montreal has lost their pick

that Bad news for them
Good news For us.

so does that mean we have 3 first round picks? 1, 7 and 8?

How about this?

The Ticats take Shologan with the #1 pick, then trade Piercy or Rads and the #8 or #9 pick to a team picking at #4 or #5 for that pick so that they also have a shot at Shea Emry, who Creehan seems to love (check out the latest TicatTV clip on Emry).

Could it happen????????????

It very well could, but Giguere could make this one of the best receiving cores in the game. I wouldn’t mind Mike Bradwell either.

Giguere would be an interesting choice but I don't think that is where Obie is heading.

By the way, no criticism intended, but it's receiving corps (not core). A corps is a unit of people acting for a common purpose (we imported the term from the military). Cheers!

I was wondering how any of you all would re do last years draft? I was just looking at it and pretty much the only starter out of the whole draft was Bauman and the second best player was Crawford who was a third round pick.

Interesting picks. I've found the CFL draft very difficult to predict. If some teams think a player is going to sign in the NFL they will bypass that player for a lesser talented one. Other teams like Montreal and BC will grab the best player and wait for them to become available, because they are well stocked in Canadian talent.
To me Samuel Giguere, Keith Shologan, Dylan Barker, Jesse Newman, Rolly Lumbala, Dimitri Tsoumpas, Shea Emry, Justen Sorenson, Andrew Woodruff and Jonathan St. Pierre. Are all first round material but because of the quality of the draft and only eight picks some will have to go in the second round. Other potential second rounder IMO would be Darryl Stephenson, Mike Bradwell, Jerome Messam and a bevy of O-Linemen such as Adam Rogers, Luc Broudeur, J.F. Morin, Brandon LaBatte, Gurinder Thind and Hubert Buyden.
But its always a large gamble trying to think what CFL teams are thinking and what their needs are. I think history has shown that for some teams Canadian scouting is not what you would call Grade A. Its one thing to piggy back on the NFL's scouting for imports ( which I believe most teams do) its another thing to actually do some major scouting of the CIS themselves. One just has to look at the track record of some of the players picked.
So I couldn't predict what the teams will do. To me Giguere should be the top pick, but if he signs with a NFL team Hamilton probably will trade or draft someone else.

Edmonton would probably grab Shologan if Hamilton doesn't.

I think Calgary will go for a O Lineman ( Newman - Tsoumpas - Woodruff ? )as McNeil has retired and Lazeo his replacement is 35 years old.

Montreal will be hard to predict, if Giguere is available they will probably take him. Dylan Barker would be a possibility as well as would one of the O-Linemen.

Saskatchewan would love to get Barker IMO.

BC will be able to take a good O-Lineman (Sorenson ?)or maybe Shea Emry to back up Javier Glatt.

I think Rolly Lumbala would be a perfect fit for Winnipeg. He's a big back who can block and run. Sir Charles Roberts was at his best when he had Mike Sellers lead blocking for him.

Hamilton with the 8th and 9th picks may take Stephenson and/or a WR if they didn't take Giguere #1. Or a LB like Arakgi or Carriere.

IMO the first three rounds has the best talent depth in a long time, maybe the best ever. There's not a Lumsden or a Clarmont type but a lot of good players.

Of all the draft picks this year I think
GIGUERE will make the most impact.
I predict that he will be a nominee this
year for the best canadian rookie award.
I hope Obie dosen't blow it and not pick
him for our 1st pick overall.

DB - it may be a pretty deep draft year and you're a real knowledgeable CFL draft keener, but IMO, not even close to the 06 draft pool talent - where there was a large number of NCAA top level talent - Braidwood, Deslauriers, Gagne-Marcoux, Reid, Dyakowski, Cornish, Wagner, Boulay, Hameister-Reis, Perrett, Cetoute, Commissiong - all who have made CFL teams and played/stared, plus Clifton Dawson (made the NFL), and a good number of top CIS players - Fantuz, Pottinger, Foley, Congi, Franklin, Picard, Tristan Clovis - who have been impact CFL players + Federkeil (made the NFL); and a number of other players from both sources who have made CFL rosters.

If this year's draft produces even as close to as many players who will have made / played in the CFL (& NFL), then it will be a very good year. But IMO - 06 was probably the best/deepest CFL draft pool ever. ( I counted 30 guys - drafted that year - out of 48 total picks - who have made/played CFL (+ NFL) and a good number of them have started within 2 seasons of being drafted. A good sign of the strength of the Canadian/NI talent pool now IMO.

You could be right TCanuck, 06 was a good year as well. Especially the first two rounds. Only a about half dozen of the 06ers were starters last year, but that number will increase this year I imagine with another year under their belt.
But you're correct, the Canadian talent is improving. Any player drafted now has a shot at making the CFL. It used to be after the first round or two the talent level dropped off dramatically, but not anymore. Which is good with expansion coming.

Nope - 12 of the guys I mentioned above from the 06 draft either started most of or parts of last season or played in situations (like a kicker in Congi and Commissiong as a fullback when the Stamps offence used one).

Well we didn't do too badly guessing who would be drafted :smiley:
Just Bass, Messam and Rogers were bypassed.