CFL mock draft- first round

Well, we are roughly a week away, and i am a huge fans of mock drafts and prospects, so heres my first round. feel free to add your own.

  1. Hamilton- WR Samuel Giguere Sherbrooke- This is a tough spot to be in. WR is not a very glaring need for the cats, but Giguere could turn this receiving core into one of the best in the game. The team does need help on defense in the back and front ends, but these needs can be filled in the later rounds.

  2. Edmonton- DT Keith Shologan UCF- To undersized for the NFL, but just right for the CFL. He reminds me of JP Bekasiak, but quicker. The fact he is a hometown boy is a bonus. Help is also needed on the offensive front and receiving core, but these can be dealt with in the 2nd round.

  3. Calgary- DB Dylan Barker SSK.- The Stampeders need huge upgrades on defense everywhere, and this is a great player to build the secondary around. An offensive lineman wouldn't hurt either, but this draft is stocked with them.

  4. Montreal- LB Jason Arakgi McMaster- They did add Reggie Hunt, but linebacker is still a need. O-line is a need, and there is a huge gap in the middle with the departure of Dario Romero, but this is a solid pick.

  5. Saskatchewan- LB Shea Emry UBC- To bad this wasn't the NFL draft, because if it was i could gaurantee this selection to be a QB. unfortanetly it is not. We may see local Saskatchewan product Taele Orban go in a later round, but for now, assuming they don't trade up for Barker, this selection is Embry. He is a solid player that will help fill the void Hunt left.

  6. BC- OL Andrew Woodruff Boise State- you can never have enough good o-lineman, especially Canadian guys. It's pretty hard to find a void on the BC roster, so they are building for depth, and boy does this guy bring it, at 6'3 and 331 lbs he could probably start for a few teams.

  7. Winnipeg- WR Terry Firr Manitoba- Another good weapon to add to Kevin Glenn's arsenal, and a local guy to boot. Some secondary or o-line help can also be used, but Winnipeg is another one of those teams where it's hard to find a major hole.

  8. Hamilton- LB Dan Bass JR. Alberta- Adds another linebacker to the Tiger-Cats young but talented linebacking corps. It's a family tradition playing for the cats. I wouldn't be surprised if Woodruff fell to here, but this is a quality selection.

Canadians don't typically fill the void of import starters, EVER, let alone in their rookie year. Maybe a Canadian starter but Reggie Hunts spot will be filled by one of a few capable imports we have. You think 1 O-Lineman only, but 3 Linebackers and 5 players total on the defensive side of the ball in the top 10??? That would be bucking the trend to say the least.


now i never said completely fill the void, i said help. and this draft is stockedwith good players, who of course will not be stars in their rookie year but could be legitimate franchise players in the coming years. For instance, Samuel Giguere is alot like Ben Cahoon, and Dylan Barker is alot like Rob Hitchcock.

Well, you might want to round my fans up for this one. I'm saying that is if the Riders draft Shea Embry I will not post on the forum for the balance of 08'. Furthermore if that indeed is the first round, player-for-player, in the 08' canadian college draft, I will leave the forums and my haters forever. You heard it here folks!


I think I'll save this post...

they are mock drafts for a reason, but you may be spending your last week on this forum.

That statement could be true for several reasons. I don't pull punches for anyone. You can call it my 2 cents, trolling, a moral high standard if you want but as long as I'm around, I'm going to give all posters my honest opinion on the subject and their opinion. The truth hurts sometimes for posters here and humans alike. As a result people have tendencies to gang up on the person who is right when they see someone taking it on the chin for selling garbage. Well I'm still gonna take out the trash, cuz' it stinks up the house if someone doesn't!

That draft order you've assembled will look nothing like the actual order. It's a wait and see thing I guess, but if your so bold to predict it then I'm so bold to shut it down completely.


Interestingly enough, here is the projected pick for the Riders as forcast by the CFL website:

5th overall, Saskatchewan Roughriders – Shea Emry, linebacker, University of British Columbia
Now we wait....

You assume that the Als have lost a draft choice. If so, they won't draft 4th but rather 7th.

Samuel Giguère will either be chosen in the 7th round of NFL draft or signed as a free agent. By the Jets or the Colts. We will know next Sunday

If the Als don't lose their draft choice they will select either Brady Browne-DB- or Shea Emry-LB-

I say that the Als will not lose their draft choice; they will be fined.

If the Als are over the cap by more than 100K, I think the rules state a 1st round draft choice is lost. Correct me if I am wrong!

You are wrong.

You make a fine garbageman! Chris good assessment there.

Oh, Kel, the crow you'll have to eat if they pick Embry, because there's no way you could NOT post.....

What are your plans - are you gonna man up and just say you shot your mouth off, or are you gonna take the weasling out/find a technicality approach?

Well you know he is ready to claim the Riders didn't draft Shea Embry. They will draft someguy named Shea EMRY...

I've already got my line of weasel traps set....

I'm reminded of a quote from the great Homer J. Simpson:

"It's the weaseling out of things that separates us from the animals. Except the weasel."

It's better to make your picks after the NFL draft, so you can see which Canucks get scooped up. There are a few guys down south who didn't attend ecamp, or got any attention, who would likely be coveted by any CFL team if they get passed over by the NFL.

Artie ... I am serious about not posting, and it has to do with my level of confidence that we are after O and D-linemen, not LB's like last year. I saw Embry play twice this past season and he's great, but we won't pick him. If buddy thinks his draft order is solid, so be it, but I don't see him making any guarantees. I guarantee I will remain dormant for the balance of 08'(Jan 1st/09' likely return) to the degree that I won't see something I just have to comment on because I won't even read the forum. Nor will I pull a RLR and just sign up with new emails like a chump. If his draft order is pick-for-pick perfect, Im gone for good, no strings attached. Capiche???


why do my posts always turn into huge dramatic arguments between kel and the rest of the board? it was a simple mock draft, just for fun, this is the wendy's thread all over again.

If only it were just your posts that caused this....

i watch this kid in the east-west shrine game an dhe looked lost in coverage i wouldnt take him…he heas good size and runs a decent 40 but i dont know the quality of competetion in the cis but he going to face more prepared players from the ncaa maybe in time but he will need a few years too improve coverage