CFL Missing Out On the Quebec-Montreal Rivalry

Too bad the league can't find a way to get into Quebec City.
Yesterday in the CIS University of Montreal played Laval before a packed house in Quebec City.
Even better Montreal upset Laval, making for an even better rivalry.
Imagine if the Als were playing the Quebec team in Quebec City after this game?
This league has so many opportunities out there to grow exponentially.
Too bad they can't take advantage of any of them for some reason.

Yesterday Laval played Montreal in Montreal in front of 5100 people.

Thought I heard it was in Quebec City.
Anyways the stands were packed.
As they would have been in Quebec City.
But there would be a huge rivalry there.
Bigger then Toronto Hamilton used to be.
Quebec City is probably a better football town then at least two cities in the east.
Too bad we can't find a way to get them into the league.
Because this league in my opinion needs a fresh coat of paint to wake things up.

Absolutely, but QC prefers to be a big fish in a smaller pond…

I'm a CFL fan without a home team.
And I'm noticing this league is getting stale.
Same teams, same stadiums, same players, same TV presentation.
Even the Price is Right would change the set every few years.
Cohon has to find a way to add some freshness to the league.
Getting some new stadiums is a step.
But more has to be done because the opportunities are there.

Agree with everything you say re: staleness.

This was all discussed in the thread re: why ratings and attendance are down.

I don't think you are the only bored fan.

One would think the ticats should have drawn way more then 23k and BC way more then 30, but they aren't.

There's definitely a problem. I feel like if these games happened last year or the year before crowds would be a lot bigger.

as another fan without a team, i too am finding the league to be getting stale.
ottawa will help.

I guess you just aren't as big of a fan as I am because I don't think it is stale at all. Yes a Quebec team would be nice but it doesn't happen overnight. They have to establish an owner, fan support, a stadium, sponsorship, stability.

Get all that and prove to the CFL that you can maintain it? Then they can be serious.

Don't forget, Ottawa is back soon.

Stale is anything but the CFL, love 8 teams because I know the players and you get to play other teams more often, it's like a 4 out 7 playoff series.

Stale to me is 30 team leagues where too many players and you don't get to delve into rivalries as much. That's why, one reason anywyays, the NHL has teams in divisions playing each other more often, creates intensity like the CFL.

If anyone finds the CFL stale as it is, they just aren't a big CFL fan IMHO, I love it the way it is but then I love playoff 4 out of 7 as I say where you're playing the same team night in night out in the other contact sport hockey (well sort of contact :wink: ), but I'll be fine with another 2 teams max over the course of the next decade or two or three.

Doesn't sound like much interest from the private sector! They are not exactley lining up to own a team in QC ! The Montreal fans are suspect as well, things are going well and the Als are able to fill a cis stadium! This province has lost two CFL teams ,when things go bad, the fans stop coming! Yes, there were some poor ownership issues but no solid ownership could be found to bail them out and were left to die! I think Halifax and Ottawa are the best bets to get to 10!

QC just basically wants hockey I think, they can make money on that is the thinking without much work at all, but as I say, if they are serious about Olympics, they might want to rethink this for opening and closing ceremonies.

I agree Quebec City-Montreal would be vaulted to the most intense rivalry in the league. No question's asked. In any event, the league just needs to add 2 teams (Ottawa and someone else) and the "staleness" factor will be eliminated. But I agree, there's not enough variety. When teams are playing each other so often, it reduces the excitement.

Haven't got an owner, a stadium, or interest from city council. Would you like the league to wave a magic wand, perhaps?

Quebec City has decided not to bid to be host of the 2022 Winter Olympics.
The lack of an Olympic-quality mountain in the Quebec City area seriously hurts their chances of ever hosting the Winter Olympics.

To me it comes down to the next TV deal.
IF teams can get enough money where you don't have to rely on sellouts every game, I think you will see the private sector looking at buying expansion franchises.

Yes but to me that's a chicken or egg thing. Do you get a big TV deal to attract another owner/team or do you get another owner/team to fatten your TV deal? Probably the latter.

If this league can go to 10 teams you can bring in CBC to help take the load from TSN.
More teams means more content meaning more money from the networks.

Sadly we have to wait for Ottawa to get off their butts.
Best case scenario is Quebec and a maritime city come through.
Then we can tell Ottawa once and for all to get lost.
They've had enough chances and failed.

I think Ottawa will be a huge success. I can't wait for them to start playing again. :thup:

I have to agree what does Ottawa have that QC doesn't

a solid ownership group
a stadium
a fan base

I don't ever see QC getting a franchise, there is a good rivalry between Montreal and Ottawa

Ottawa is another Hamilton.
An apathetic fan base that can't be bothered to support the home team.

I remember when they came back as the Renegades they only drew 18,000 their first game.
Quebec City would be a sure fire winner in my opinion.
Ottawa is a dead end sports town.