CFL Mini Helmets - Decals and Trademarked Copy Rights

I collect Riddell VSR4 CFL mini helmets and some I can't find. I would like to make a few helmets for my own personal use. I found a company that makes decals, but they won't make them because they are worried about copy rights/trademark issues from the CFL. They don't want any legal trouble for making them. I only want small quantities less than 6 pair for each team. I don't sell them they are for my own personal use. Can anyone advise on how I can get permission from the CFL to have the decals made? Please and Thank you.

I have a friend who is an avid Philadelphia Flyers fan. His nephew works in a shop which makes vinyl wraps for automobiles. My friends entire truck's hood is the flyers logo, probably illegal. He did it on a weekend when the shop was closed, cash deal.

Do you think they could do mini helmet decals, small quantities?

I don't see the person who does the wrap more than once every few years, we don't live in the same city. However if you were talking to someone in the printing business or someone who owns a vinyl printer perhaps they could do a cash job, Epson makes small scale vinyl printers. Do a ISO on market place.

thank you.

Go on eBay under "cfl mini helmet decals" you can purchase some teams

I have done that already and bought some. They are usually of inferior quality.