CFL Milwaukee news.

I recenly had a meeting yesterday and confirmed are the following.
A domain and server space
A Official CFL Milwaukee team web site
A CFL Milwaukee fan club

The web site will include
Ideas for a Milwaukee CFL expansion team
New Logo's and pictures
Milwaukee Beer Barons get togethers
Plans and proposals
Ideas for a team name
..and more

In other news so far a hand full of people have jumped on board so even befor the fan club has opened, we already have several unofficial members.

Stay tuned for more great CFL Milwaukee news and more on the Milwaukee Beer Barons


This is bizarre.

However, on a related note, if I had a team to name, I would name them the Pizza. But that's just me.

How do you have an official team site for a team that does not exist?
How can you be a fan of a team that does not exist?
You post from Manatoba and you have meetings about a team in Manatoba?

Here is the first point for you to discuss at your next meeting.
Find a new nickname. I highly doubt that the CFL would allow Beer Barron as a nickname.
I highly doubt that the CFL is going to expand to the US again as well

I'm not sure why anyone would be 100% against expanding to the U.S. The most successful of the American expansion teams was Baltimore. It's average attendance was 37,000 for the '94 season and 30,000 for the '95 season. It left because the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore the following season.

I don't think anyone can laugh at attendance figures like that.

Americans love football. In smaller communities where the numbers can't support 11 man football teams they will play 9 man ball in their minor leagues. Whether it's 9, 11, or 12 men, or arena football, Americans have shown they will support it.

I think any city that can provide solid management (aka anything Un-Glieberman-like) should be looked at. A successful league isn't successful because it has 8 teams or 32 teams. It is successful because it has solid leadership.

Teams in the U.S. also have the advantage that their local governments often times contribute money to these enterprises. Which is something Canadian owners can't generally depend on.

I don't pretend to know why the U.S. expansion failed but I do know there were some positives. I'm sure it can work again given the proper leadership from the CFL.

If we wait for Canadian Financiers and communities to make a move we could be waiting a long time for a ninth team. And dare we even dream of a tenth?

FanWithoutATeam wrote:

If we wait for Canadian Financiers and communities to make a move we could be waiting a long time for a ninth team.

How very true! Give Canadian cities, financiers/owners first crack but no wasting and diddling around if a US market is gung ho with a quality ownership group for a city that would enhance the league.

Just beacuse it can work, doesn't mean it should be done, does it?

I really don't see a need to do it. After all it is the Canadian Football League. If it can work here, then perhaps it should stay here.

It could be opening a pandora's box. Be careful what you ask for.

I suppose it depends on what you mean by 'can it work'. I think what we all want is for the CFL to retain it's Unique Identity and the rule differences which make the Canadian game that much more exciting than it's American Cousin.

Whatever makes the league stronger in the long term is what we all want. Those details I'll entrust to more capable administrators than myself.

Yes Baltimore had goos attendance but that was 1 out of 7 or 8 teams. All the others had maybe 5k at every game.

Add to that the fact that the import rule would not apply in the US and you have bad news for the CFL

What a stupid post.

No argument there. Whatever the CFL does it has to be one set of rules for every team.

If expansion were ever to make it back to the U.S, it would have to be a city within 200 miles of the Canada U.S. border. The people living in these cities have a better understanding of Canadians and are more accepting of our differences and can identify with us and possibly the CFL better. Not only that, you would want to choose a city that doesn't have a NCAA college team to compete against. And Friday Night Football, ala TSN wouldn't work because in the U.S., Friday nights are when the high school teams play, which gets tremendous support down south.

Keep dreaming.

US Expansion won't happen unless two things happen.

(1) THE BOG eliminate Canadian content rule, allowing a free for all for all of the teams.

(2) US Labour laws changes.

Until one of those two things happen, US expansion is only a dream.

Dear Beer Baron,

Why don't you go on a Milwaukee sports forum, and discuss your creative idea to them.

Love Stuff.

Very interesting post by B.B- If his team can show enouph support for a cfl team, what a great rival for the bomber,s Eh :thup:

Like sportmen said, the U.S labour laws make an uneven playing field. I would like to see a team from the's just to bad the import ratio can't be followed..

Notwithstanding what a few have mentioned re labour laws, this may be a case of wishful thinking by BB.
Under certain circumstance US expansion may work with 2-4 teams and in northern most States with no other major league team only. This scenario would rule out Milwaukee.
Places like Syracuse, somewhere in Maine, Oregon excluding Portland and North Dakota quickly come to mind.
Having said that, we have not heard how any of these or other potential sites/owners are knocking on the CFL league doors?

re-argotom 'Having said that, we have not heard how any of these or other potential sites/owners are knocking on the CFL league doors? '
R,u talking to yourself argt, :roll: - Dont worry bout him BB, ARGS s#*! :wink:

This reminds me of a past poster called McMahon who came on here periodically claiming to have an "inside track" on CFL news. You are starting to sound alot like this poster. Who are you? and why do you claim to have inside information in Milwaukee,regarding the CFL?

I find alot of you guys are repeating issuea already discussed in my origional Milwaukee thread.
I will once again say that the Canadian content rule and the US labour laws can be worked around, and if not then who cares, lets play them anyway. Most of the top US players already play in the NFL anyway.
Plus how many Americans already play CFL.
Remember I am not looking to promote US expansion, I am looking into promoting a Milwaukee based team for various reasons already Talked about.
Yes I know that Milwaukee is in the US, but it is a northern US city close to Canada and they not only understand and support our game, but they also understand us. Milwaukee is practically the same latitude as Toronto and Hamilton so they would not call Milwaukee our neighbor to the south, more so they would call Milwaukee our neighbor to the west.
Next Milwaukee would love CFL football as it is, so no rules would need to be changed.
Other US teams failed because they were deep in the south were they knew nothing about the CFL, yet Baltimore being a northern team had more fans than most of the other Canadian teams.
Lets face it, if we placed those fans in any one stadium from Winnipeg, Hamilton, Sask, or Ottawa, not only would any one of those stadiums be full to capacity, but there would also be 5000 - 7000 fans sitting on the grass. 15 000 fans would be left sitting on the grass at molson Stadium and 35 000 fans would be stuck sitting on the grass in Halifax.
Baltimore proved that CFL football would work in the right US (Northern)city.

What some of you people are missing are the facts as to why US expansion failed in the first place.
Here they are:
First of all, as said, the teams that failed in the US were deep in the south were a northern game did not appeal to the southern fans.
2. Games played deep in the south in July, and August were scorching hot. Who wants to sit in that extreme heat in Los Vegas or Shrevport.
3. Those expansion teams were rushed into the CFL. The CFL were in the red and close to folding so took anyones money as fast as the league could and ran with what they had.

So far the only argument against Milwaukee is the American/Canadian player ratio which is not really an arguement anyway because it can either be worked around, or worked with.
It would not change our game or tradition at all if we worked with a such ratios.
Does having Canadians players in the CFL make the league any better? Not really because the best Canadian football players either play in the NFL, or would rather play in the NFL. The CFL already has a ton of American players.
The year is 2006 now not 1994. We are living in a globalized world where we are enjoying all kinds of things from cultures all over the world.
If you guys are so bent about Milwaukee not having a team then why dont you guys start a Quebec City fan club and get the ball rolling cause the truth is Milwaukee will have 10-15 teams befor Quebec City ever gets one.
Now as said befor I would rather see Ottawa, Quebec City, and Halifax have a team befor Milwaukee. And I beleave that Ottawa will come back and fold again. Halifax will not get off the ground and if it does it too will be temporary. Quebec City wont happen. Milwaukee however will out sell most of the Canadian teams.
Greenbay has a 35 year waiting list for season tickets. Milwaukee fans are hungry to go to live pro football games. I say lets feed them.