CFL Milwaukee, Here we come!!!!

Now a few months ago I said I would stop pushing for a team in Milwaukee on the condition that Ottawa and Halifax would get a team.
Now Ottawa is out and Halifax pulled any chance of getting a CFL stadium.
I say, lets focus on were true football fans are and put a team where they actually have money and the corperate funding to make a CFL team actually work and that is in a northern US city.
The CFL ROCKED in Baltimore with the largest attendance in the CFL durring their run. I saw lets stop dreaming of another CFL team in Ottawa, and Halifax and lets aim toward a place that has stadiums ready to go, corporations ready to go, and football hungry fans.
Nuff Said.

Are you old to know what a broken record is?

Not going to happen! Been there done that! :lol:

This record actually stopped and let Ottawa and Halifax do their thing. Now my project is no longer on hold.
Sorry RO, but I gave Ottawa and Halifax a chance. One city has no fans, the other city has no stadium. What can you do?

...about as much as you can do with this inane thread...

What can you do?
When it comes to getting a team in
Milwaukee...What can YOU do?

But, you have convinced me....Put a team there.
You win !
We lose!
You have convinced us all!
No more need for discussion!

LOL good luck at keeping me quiet RO.

Hmmm.....a threat, or a challenge?

Well explain what it is you want from us.
If we were to 100% agree...what next?
What do you want us to do about it?
I respect the fact that you have your opinion and are entitled to it but what do you want us to do?
Its like another posted we had who constantly posted about rule changes.
He never explained what he wanted from us either.

I now put the question to you.
What good does repeating yourself to to point of annoying everyone here gain?
What will you accomplish if you were to convince the 2 dozen or so regular posters?

Do you think that we are the ones to decide?

Milwakee wants to play with the same rules all other CFL teams do(non-american rule) and wants to put up say 10M in a franchise fee.

Hey go for it.
But key thing they need to be using the NI rules that Canadian teams use as in they must have 20 Non-Imports as in Canadians.
There are legal issues apprently from trying to implement that in the states so it would be hard to do.

Ottawa, London and Halifax/Moncton need a new 80-100M stadium that has 30+ boxes and 25-30K+ Seats.
if 25K seats must have a built in plan to expand to 30-35K

CFL's expansion should now concentrate on Quebec City and Moncton if Halifax/Ottawa have decided to drop out. not the only one who is annoyed by finding beerbarons threads here 2ice a week.

expand to this weird place or that weird place....

give it a rest already.

A cross between McMahon and K*nga....I didn't think it was possible.....

Okay, I wave the white flag.

Go Milwakee go! Yahoo! So, BB which 20 Canadians are on your short list? Who have you got lined up to Coach? Any truth to the rumours (That I started) That Roy Shivers will be the GM? When do Season tickets go on sale. Which US Senator were you able to convince to wave the labour law so Canadians MUST play there.

Oh oh, I see some lady with Red hair and a strait jacket creeping up on me from the lake....

Jm 02 is that you?

The thing that gets me is that some people, and I not only talking about BB is that the league expands like Home Depot does.

They decide to move into a new city so they either buy or rent a building and Voila! They have expanded!

It doesn't work like that in sports.
Someone else has to want to expand!
Someone else has to be willing to cough up the 6 mil in franchise fees.

You can have the best stadium in the world.
You can have fans lining up to buy tickets
You can have everything it takes to have a team but the most important thing is having a willing owner.

Without that its not going to happen and posting here over and over will do nothing to make it happen either

You can have every poster her agree with you but you will not be one inch closer to having it happen!

And Ottawa has Major Stadium issues(cost/quality)

Thus why their out for now.

All other Canadian cities have major stadium issues the only city that has a stadium near CFL size is Quebec city with lavals peps stadium.
Then there are a few 10K stadiums but most are rather old.(stadiums outside of CFL cities)

Enough already.

This has become nothing but spam. Please, quite wasting bandwidth.

Agreed; it's spam, eggs and spam, spam spam spam and eggs..........etc etc ad infinitum.

Spam maybe but I think you have to look hard if there is a group from Milwaukee with deep pockets and a committement to bringing a team there. No idea if this is such but Milwaukee could be another Baltimore, nothing to sneeze at boys. Ottawa looks like a goner for the time being and Halifax I doubt will happen with no stadium.

Guys, I dont mean to repeat myself, but my point is not really about Milwaukee this time. Its about Ottawa and Halifax BLOWING IT! and if you want some honestly from me, I am a little ticked off by that. In Western Canada we would not put up with that shit. Lose the Bombers, Riders, Stampeders , or the Esks and there would be riots in the streets.
Talk about another team in the East and what happens, NOTHING!
IF it was not for US expansion this league that we love so much would be a 7 league team. Why? Because Ottawa is gone and Montreal are a product of US expansion.
Montreal would not be there if there was not US expansion. Face the facts.
Forgive me for supporting a stronger and bigger CFL, but as a fan it is my job to rally for the CFL.
Anyone who says “US expansion , been there, done that” well I say “Ottawa, and Halifax, Been there, done that!”
Halifax since 1984 could not get a team or a stadium and Ottawa wont support Nintendo Football let alone the CFL.
Ok so what now? I am going to get my project underway after holding off and when it happens, join in.

Good post BB.