CFL might think of going to 4 downs

doesnt this topic come up atleast every 3 weeks :?

I watched the highlights of the argo game this weekend. Horrible.

I watched the highlights of the Seahawks/Lions game this weekend. Horrible

I snored through the Seahawks / Lions game

Earl, gotta disagree with you this time. No to 4 downs!

wouldn't work, shorten feild makes it too easy.

can't say that I want to leave the game "the way it is", but as far as going to 4 downs, no way! not gonna happen today, or tommorow, EVER!!!

Ok, as r4758 mentioned, maybe a bit of chain pulling on this one 8) but thought it might be interesting food for thought for some discussion.
3 downs is okely dokely for me, but if the league went to 4 downs, I would follow it just as passionately.

Heck, why not 5 downs?

That should give us even more scoring.

I think it should be 10 downs to go the length of the field

and DBs should play with one hand tied behind their back

and offense should be able to holdtackle any time they want to. No more having great plays come back because of stupid holding penalties.

and on punts, the kicking team should not be able to cross the line of scrimmage until the receiver catches the ball, or the ball hits the ground, and blockers should be able to block from behind. NO more bringing back great punt returns just because of stupid so called illegal blocking penalties.

and the goal posts should be on the 50 yrd lines so you can kick a field goal from anywhere on the field.

and...what the hell, there should be no refs, anything goes.

How exactly would that be a change? :twisted:


5 downs? why, what difference does it make?