CFL might think of going to 4 downs

Ok, scoring has been down this year, qb's don't seem to want to run with the ball in the past as much (but nice seeing RR on Friday night, great job).
So let's go to 4 downs, with our 20 sec clock can still make for some great finishes and the qb's wouldn't feel the heat to run as much.

WTF?...just watch the NFL if u want a 4th down.

Forget it!
Whats next?
Smaller field and fair catches?

3 downs encourage teams to pass more. Usually, the CFL is more high scoring than the run-oriented NFL.

So the CFL has been around forever, and now that theres one season where some offences are struggling...we should suddenly change everything.

No to 4 downs, I would turn away from CFL if they did that.

However, it is an exagerated myth about the scoring between the two league. A few yrs ago on the original forums, I posted a calculated comparison from the previous season that showed very little scoring difference on average.

you are nuts

And the players in the NFL aren't that much faster either, they just look faster because they are playing on a smaller field.

Earl: Usually, I agree with you, but on this one, I'd have to say No. Nope. No way. Ain't interested. Don't support it.

Am I being too vague?

I think Earl's just pulling everyone's chain.

the Cfl is just the way it is.

....I would be disappointed if the CFL went ot four down is unique and huge to the style of game we expect to be played....there would be big time opposition for this type of change.......

4 downs, 4 DOWNS!!!

teams would hog the ball!!! and you would see more blow outs than close games!!!

Keep the game at 3! IT'S BETTER THAT WAY!

We had 2 amazing close high scoring games this week.


The WINNIPEG / SASK. game , both high scoring thrillers.

The NFL had a 6 to 9 game , and several other one sided blows outs , today.


I'm glad too all you smart Cfl fans wanting to leave the game as it is.Our game is cleaner and much more fun to watch.We don't have arogant hothead morons like Terrell Owens who ruin the game.

WTF (W=Who, instead of the usual What) came up with the 4 down CFL idea. Hell with F'ing freeze over before that happens.

maybe the NFL should consider going to 3 down football and make their game more exciting to watch like the CFL ? ? ?

CFL forever

me thinks someone missed MEDS call

even if we keep the shorter play clock, 4 downs means you only have to run the ball a few yards per play and you can still get a first down. sounds pretty boring.

4 downs????