cfl merchandise

I just came back from the Mall , I was hoping to buy my Son a CFL Jersey unfortunately all they had were some un-crested Jerseys essentially just a BC Lions colored Jersey, But if I wanted to buy any NFL team Jersey and name and number no problem heck we also have all NFL team Hats and Draft day hats . I asked the store clerk if we were in the USA .
Shame on the CFL marketing People for not hitting these places and promoting the product and Shame on all the Retailers for not promoting a Canadian product .
How is the CFL going to evolve if all we do is promote a league that wants to destroy us. WAKE UP CFL.!!!

While certainly the CFL merchandise is not nearly as accessible in many markets as the NFL - please don't forget that this part of the year (offseason, several months prior to preseason) is just about the worst time for buying CFL merchandise in any store. I've even asked retailers about it and most will tell you that they don't get the gear until May, and aim to sell it all off by Christmas.

The lack of merchandise is in some ways by design. Many of those NFL jerseys are sold at almost cost once players are traded.

Plus alot of the teams like to keep most of the sales in team specific stores or at the stadium, that way they get a bigger chunk of the profit.

I forgot to add this earlier but I had asked him for a Eskimo hat and he said they were getting some in with Packer Green and Gold . This little Punk in his Reggie Bush jersey was quickly corrected that they were Eskimo colors first and the Packers copied us.

Ive never had a problem finding CFL jerseys, hats or t-shirts

i know what you guys mean. i drove to calgary from my town to buy some stamps stuff, and i couldnt get any yet. it suct.

I just loaded up on CFL stuff from here I got 3 hats, 5 T-shirts..cost me $77 and shipping was free! :cowboy:

Thanks for the link but I still don't see any Jersey's on this web site, and why are the prices in US $ the only ones are from Jersey city on this web site and they want over $200 bucks and I can't even see it before I buy it . Rip off . I think Jersey city should hand the contract to someone who can market the product better.

I just saw an add on a bus shelter that Sportcheck is the Official Reebok supplier of CFL gear. Call them maybe

Thanks i’ll check that out .

The ones I've been at haven't had the amount of gear that an "Official Supplier" should have. Hopefully you have better luck.

i think sportcheck is pretty sh*t too, if there is an official reebok store/outlet that is probably your best bet. i got a ton of stuff in the one in vaughan mills. i agree that the cfl should do more to promote itself through merchandising. when i was in canada i was amazed how easy it was to find nfl gear and how rare it was to find cfl stuff. i often had to wait for the argo games to get my fix.

and for some reason it's argos merch that's the hardest to find of all cfl teams :?

Usually, I always find good CFL stuff at the “small” stores. Not Sports Expert, Sportcheck (when I’m in Ontario)

well it looks like im not the only one having difficulty finding stuff.

I find here in Edmonton, trying to find Eskies gear during the off season is very hard. It's true with the NFL stuff, every sports store has NFL stuff 365 days a year. I suggest though to goto the Eskimos ticket office. They do sell Eskies gear there and if they don't have it there, they can get it for you.

With that being said, I noticed the CFL store will have a new look. I think the CFL needs to do what the NBA, NFL and NHL do. Have every team put a link to the CFL shop and not their own shop. But for that to happen, the CFL shop needs to have ALOT MORE items to offer.