CFL merchandise

I just went shopping and went into a couple sports stores here in Edmonton. The sports stores here (that I have seen) have some but not a lot of CFL merchandise. They carry a lot of Eskimos (obviously) and Riders gear but I haven't seen a lot from the other teams.

So basically, I'm just wondering how the sports stores in other cities are for CFL merchandise.


In Montreal, the only store that has merchandise from other teams is Jaques Morreau. All the other stores only have Als stuff

Roughyfan, did the store you were in have game-worn compression shirts?

It’s brutal in Ottawa. I’ve been to pretty much every sports store and I may have, in total, seen about 20 hats, a few jerseys, and the odd t-shirt or jacket. Even when the Gads were here, it wasn’t that great - especially for buying other teams stuff.

The store guys tell me it just doesn’t sell. I got no choice but to get my stuff online.

Unless you go the Lions office, its hard to find CFL merchandise in other stores. I've seen some BC Lion Car Flags at Canadian Tire, but thats about it.

Last year, Save-On Foods carried Grey Cup merchandise in the Lower Mainland. Nothing else since then.

In TOronot its even hard to find Argos merchandise.

You might want 2 buy during the season when stores aren't focused in hockey

River City Sports is a great place for CFL merchandise, not just Blue Bomber stuff. However, it is miniscule in comparison to the NFL, NHL, and MLB sections. You can order on-line from them as well.

I find that the best place in edmonton for CFL gear would be, game on sports at west edmonton mall or there is a really good jersey store in the sherwood park mall.

Not much of a surprise that it is difficult to find CFL merchandise as the retailers are bombarded with NFL stuff and they know this will sell at big prices to younger people who want to “look in” wearing the big name NFL stuff with the stars who are promoted big time on American television and sports channels. The sports stores make a killing on this stuff. The CFL just doesn’t reach the same market with the younger people I don’t think for merchandise as a rule, even in CFL cities.

Check out this NFL jerseys thread out on Sportsnet as an example of what I’m saying:

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Re NFL marketing, this is something I mentioned some time ago on the Ticats site.
About 15 years ago, my wife and I were visiting a small town in eastern Germany. I wandered over to a soccer pitch to watch a game being played. As i was standing near a group of young guys, I noticed that two of them were wearing jackets...Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys.
Now, that's marketing. It really is a worldwide project with the NFL.

For sure Wilf. I think I see almost as many NFL jackets/caps in Hamilton as I do say NHL jackets or TiCat jackets, maybe more even, which says something with no NFL teams even in Canada.

Here's something to think about.

I was watching a program on PBS here in the States. It was about a school in New Jersey, and how they were building a new science classroom.

One of the students was wearing a Roughriders jersey! I kid you not!

I've bemoaned the HORRIBLE CFL marketing elsewhere in the forum. It s u x. Plain and simple.

Yup, the CFL needs to start challenging the NFL for the amount of NFL crap that's out there ... though, it is getting better (I see more CFL caps than I used to, though it's very rare that I see another jersey on a non-game day, let alone one that isn't the Stamps).

Here in Calgary, the stores are mostly focused on the Stamps and Riders, with a bit of Esks stuff, in terms of CFL gear. But, it is possible to find another team's jersey in some spots. If you want a decent selection on other teams, you have to go to the Stamps Store, at McMahon stadium. Still, it's easy to find almost anything NFL, and absolutely anything NHL.

I see someone wearing some NFL merchandise and automatically think, what's wrong with the local (Canadian) league? What's wrong with your local team? Why can't you support the Canadian choice?

Brutal. There's a post on that sportsnet thread by a guy named Quebec, who has a few NFL jerseys, some college jerseys, and "even a few" from the old WLAF, XFL and Arena football ... but NO mention of the CFL.

Give me a break ... again ... what the hell is wrong with the CFL?!?

That’s nearly as good as one of the kids in ‘Degrassi High’ wearing a Footscray (of the then Victorian, now Australian Football League) jersey: He wore it in most episodes for at least one season.

Hey, I'm in south Louisiana, and I had on my Als jersey today.

I really believe we'll see more marketing from the league as soon as the new TV profits start up. With more money available, it won't be so hard to scratch out a budget for promoting the game and for selling the gear.

The Reebok jersey ads were a good start when the redesigns were new. A few more ad series like that, and you'll see more gear sold.

Besides, it's really up to all of us to buy the products in order to create a demand. I try to spread my money around (a little to River City, and little to the CFL shop/Jersey City, a little to the Als boutique or the Bomber store) just so all those places know there's someone in the states interested in purchasing CFL stuff.

The more we buy, the more they'll carry.

Guess what I found on the weekend?

CFL Logo Sport socks!

Was down on the Lower Mainland and went into Army & Navy dept store in New Westminster and found white sport socks with all the CFL team logos on them.They carried all eight teams. (As well as NHL Logo socks)

3 pairs for $5.99. Stocked up on Lions Socks!

Way to go Army & Navy! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Nice, I'd like some socks like this, TiCats of course though. :wink: