CFL mentioned on Stephen Colbert

Unfortunately, it was because the Argos signed a player named Poop.

Meanwhile... Poop Johnson Is The CFL's Next Star

He thought he was going to gets laughs about his “joke” that there was a Canadian Football League. He got cheers instead. Maybe Americans are finally figuring out that the “joke” league, is the NFL.

I went to a church concert once and it was a family mostly singing and sharing and I knew the daughter and asked her to sing a song I heard her sing before and when they got up there she mentioned that she was doing a song that FYB asked for. wow, she mentioned me, she really mentioned me. :slight_smile:

This is not directed at ExPat, but I find it sad that so many Canadians get weak at the knees over any acknowledgement given to anything Canadian by anyone in the US.

IMHO this shows a very weak sense of self to look to our big brother to the south for attention and affirmation. But I wouldn’t expect someone who is open about leaving their own nation to understand that.

It was actually just a chance for me to take a shot at an Argo. An Argo named Poop, no less.

Not everything can serve as evidence of your world view.

(Kind of a strange final sentence.)

I think he was referring to your name, Expat.....expatriate. actually, since we're on the subject, this happened on the Sopranos as well. Final season I think, there is a scene where they are watching a football game on tv and it is very clearly cuthbertson voice.

OK, that makes more sense. For what it's worth, I have lived my whole life in Canada, just not in the place I grew up.

Sometimes you can't actually draw definitive conclusions from tidbits of online information. (e.g. despite their chosen usernames, I suspect that "Johnny Ticat Slayer" is not really endowed with mystical Buffy-like powers; "disciplineandpunish" is not really a dominatrix; "Grover" is not a talking blue puppet-monster, etc.)

Anyway, I need to keep CFF on my side. We have both been short-listed for beat-downs by a poster on the Ticats forum and may end up having to rely on each other for mutual defence purposes. I suspect CFF has the direct battle experience and possibly the weapons cache that our side will need. My contribution, unfortunately, will have to be limited to my wit and charm.

Seemed like a slight towards the CFL but… it is what it is.