CFL memories that make you laugh

I remember once you posted an excellent translation too. Yes I knew that part. I liked the way both Dion and Doucet did it no doubt.

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A friend just sent me this. From 1970. The opening line of the story says “fights just seem to come looking for him...but he admits he never backs down”


Oh the foreshadowing many decades later and then Dr. Phil it seems like took care of it all on his show for all we know. :roll_eyes: :confused: :face_with_monocle:

Maybe many don't agree, but I feel like that encounter was outstanding for CFL publicity.

Oh no doubt some grudges endure for decades and generations don't some of us know.

I wonder what, if beyond the football field itself, caused that deep grudge between Mosca and Kapp?

If it was limited to the rivalry and what was said on the field that is much of the usual competitive jabber, well I get that because those grudges are not unique amongst former professional athletes but if it was something well beyond the field, well that's a whole deeper matter.

During a Grey Cup game, Mosca laid a hit on a prone BC player, Willie Fleming, a big part of BC’s offence. The injured Fleming left the game, but no penalty was called on Mosca. The play created years of controversy and subsequent animosity by BC fans for Mosca. Maybe Kapp was just acting out that memory?


Ah now I remember yeah and they showed the video on Dr. Phil too though it's been available on Youtube. I have to wonder what all was said on the field or not and after the game to that showman that is Mosca after the game and beyond. I don't blame Kapp at all on that one.


Yeah, at the time it was “questionable”, in today’s game, more likely Angie would have been penalized, if not ejected. Definitely rough play, given the circumstances, as Fleming was down and on the sideline. As I say, questionable then, seen as part of Angie’s game, but no longer acceptable today.

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I was watching that game and even though I'm a Lions fan, to this day I still wouldn't have called a penalty either. It was so close, everyone was moving, not like Willy had been laying there and Mosca just decided to jump on him. We got them back the next year.

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Hardly a late hit, went right over top of him

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Maybe not late, but hardly necessary. Fleming had been tackled and was down. As a Ti-Cat fan, I probably argued that Ang had committed to the tackle, and then softened it by diving over, rather than on, Fleming. Regardless, it was debated for many years wasn’t it? And a burr under Kapp’s saddle.

The reaction, at the time, was probably akin to Simoni’s hits on Burris and Collaros in today’s game?

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Thank you for posting this. l'm going to say it was a bang-bang play, and yes, he did go over not on top of him. I think Mosca was in the heat of battle and essentially going to clobber him if he broke that tackle.

It remains in question if Mosca had the opportunity at all to back off on the dive but decided not to do so.

I am thinking that if Fleming had been able to get up and walk right away, this play would not have ever been an issue.

Mosca, not my fav kind of player, but not guilty on this play

The Great Don Matthews losing his shiat with the guy in the Montreal inflatable Mascotte for getting in the way of a play.

Well this one is not funny, but the utterly confounded look on any given person's face when they watch this is a lot like mine and still funny.

The entire North American audience was bewildered that night, including I figure all the new faces to the CFL down here who flipping channels were simply catching a new game on a summer night.

There is so much to unpack here that one probably could produce an entire documentary. Look at that catch and that would have been enough to start the highlights that night right? The rest remains shrouded in CFL mystery. I'm all ears for some new findings if any.

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