CFL memories that make you laugh

What memories do you have that really make you laugh when you think of them? I have two. Joe Kapp punching out Angelo Mosca at the 2011 Grey Cup and "Saskatchewan, Too many men on the field".

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"The Sack and Crack"

It was in the summer I think years ago in the prior decade, as we were watching here on the game thread, I remember Marcus Howard of Edmonton got a sack and as he rolled afterwards he exposed the top half of his butt so as to half-moon the entire North American audience. TSN did not show the replay.

Rod Black referring to a Canadian fullback on the Argos, first name I remember was Jeff, as "quite the specimen" as the camera focused on the player :sweat_smile:

Oh how I miss so much of the coverage of games especially prior to about 2018 when they had that awful Thursday night production on TSN.

Rod Black, whom I grew to appreciate after years of wondering as a new fan how long would he be enjoying his stay with us here on Planet Earth there in Canada, was also on the call on this wacky classic game-ending play. The reaction and coverage were the humour not so much the play itself.

First there's the shot with the bewildered official with the glasses gathering the troops in their confusion. An official with glasses on, for some of us older fans, is one of those old gifts that keeps on giving and there he was showcased as the leader.

Duane Forde did an excellent job explaining this play to the audience including especially the relatively new audience in the US, but for a few days many were left with highlights wondering "WTF did we just see? Wait, how did that work?"

And the highlight made ESPN's annoying segment "C'mon man!" too.

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I've never seen this before, that's funny.

 As an Argonauts fan it has to be for me still to this day is the Kerwin Bell spiking the ball and hitting his own junk.  I remember watching that game and I was laughing so hard I had tears running.

 Second is the Joe Kapp punch on Angelo Mosca during a Grey Cup Breakfast of all things.  You know it was big when it hit the ESPN Football Crew.

One of my most amusing memories occurred before a game at old Taylor Field in Regina. It was during the national anthem. There were many flybys by the Snowbirds that year but during that game there was not to be one. A flock of Canada Geese, in perfect V-formation flew over the Stadium from the North East side to the South West side passing directly over midfield even lower in altitude that the upper stands right on cue during the anthem. The crowd went absolutely nuts over it and many of us oldtimers still just refer to that as the "flyby" and people know what we are talking about.


The crazy fan on the goal post in Hamilton
P.S. I think it was @ bobo82 :partying_face:

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Can we go postgame? In 2004 the Cats had a fireworks show. A good portion of them fired into the ground and the end zone seats. One poor older gentleman with a bucket put out the fire in the artificial turf. son and I are in section C in that video, basically diagonal from your POV Lucas, thanks for the memory!!...

Honnestly this is not my video but one I found on Youtube. It shows the crowd perspective instead of the pictures we usually see of the event lol.

This isn't laugh out loud but a memory that always makes me smile. I was at a Lions/Stamps game at Empire field in 2011. I was sitting about the 5 yd line, close by was a guy sitting by himself wearing a Stamps uniform with a name on it that I had heard of but knew nothing about. I said to him because he was wearing a Stamps jerseys in a Lions crowd that he must be a Calgary fan or just real stupid. "I'm from New Westminster, my son is a playing tonight, his first time as a starter".
A proud PaPa. On his Jersey, CORNISH.


The 2013 Grey Cup with giant "Henry" arms. I like to tell people I was the original "Henry" heckler up in the old Section 27 at the old Mosaic stadium.

No mention of the "O Christmas Tree" O Canada anthem performance?


Tends to make many angry, not laugh

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Well go figure this sent me down quite the wormhole for all great things to come, so thank you.

I was unaware of that incident at all, but I got a double bonus. Shameful. Worse yet I thought was when "O Canada" was not sung properly once on Late Night with David Letterman, for which he apologized to all of Canada, and to Paul Shaffer his cohort, the next night and had a real performance done at the beginning of his show. There I was a kid staying up to watch the show on NBC seeing that happen on the first-run show.

Well, for a local lounge singer in Las Vegas with a great voice, what a missed opportunity if only he had studied the damn song for a half hour at most. Damn I got the notes and tone down in way less time than that but don't have near that voice let alone a very good one.

But then, but then, my luck is that Celine Dion's version from 1992 shows up right there next in the queue on Youtube. Like many who are not even Canadian, it stirred me too and that was a first.

(Las Vegas Side Note: I was chatting with her bodyguard once at the Bellagio while she was shopping at Chanel back when she was performing in residence in town - those were the days and all that)

I had never heard "O Canada" in French before other than the infamous bilingual version many of you no doubt know, which I have posted to replay for many down here to their amazement when writing about the CFL and its history, from the 1977 Grey Cup by Roger Doucet:

What a beautiful anthem. Hearing the anthem far less than many of you, I hope we all hear more new performances as stirring as were these two.

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Matt Dunigan to Gord Miller, both on the call, for a game in Hamilton when the dialogue went sort of like this as Dunigan described the experience of a successful quarterback sneak on 3rd and less than 1:

Dunigan: "Yeah you just try to get in there tight and you get it done and you are all mopped up."

Miller: /pauses and beckons for clarification

Crew shows replay.

Dunigan: "Yeah you get in there with the big guys and it all smells like pizza and garlic and pasta and you get it done but you are all mopped up Gord. You don't want to be in there."

Miller: /awkward pause "I'm not sure I want to be in here."


Well technically you may have
In Quebec they sing the first part in French and the last part in English
The rest of Canada sings the first part in English and the last in French

And just so you know....Neither one is a translation of the other...Not even close

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