CFL Meet and Greet

OK The Winking Judge is Booked


[b]17 Feb 07

7pm [/b]

Only Date Available.

25 Augusta St
905 524 5626

Directions from QEW: Take Burlington Street exit and proceed along Burlington. About 6 km along, there is a 4-way Stop sign. Turn left onto James Street. Go along James for about 2 km until you pass under a railway underpass, Augusta the next left after that.

Directions from 403: Take East Main Street exit and proceed along Main street for about 3 km. Turn right onto James street (one block past Hamilton City Hall). Augusta St. is on the left.

The Date is set

could you provide some information about what you are talking about?

something ...anything.

They're having a CFL fans get together on Feb 17th at the Winking Judge.

Ron L’s first official function?

Judge, Judge, Wink, Wink…


Do I have to pull your teeth to come :wink:

Would be nice if you could be there :thup:


That one left me in stitches. LOL.... good one.

It's in the Planner.

Great place to host.

I will be there in spirit. Perhaps if one happens in the spring, I can make it in the flesh. :wink:

I hope everyone has a good time.

Oski Wee Wee,

Who is?
Is this a ti-cat thing or just a reason for fans to talk/bee-atch about nothing?........................and drink?
Cuz if that's the case , I'm in.

Could be interesting. Could you make sure there is a reminder closer to the date ?

It's a fan thing. Definately some talking and drinking. None by me of course. :smiley:

That was the plan :thup:

Hey BG, you’re not going to be dancing on tables again are you???

Shoulda seen that one coming :roll: . Happy New Year, Pope. :smiley:

I thought the cottage was closed up for the winter,Bill. Great idea!

Why don't I believe that?

I'm keeping it Open, No Winter here :lol:


Lies PJAY. All lies. There was no prior dancing and there will be no future