CFL media

The CFL media is losing credibility, in my view.

In the Stamps vs Refs case, the media portrayed the argument about the official ruling on the on-side kick. It's hard to argue with a ruling when the officials have the luxury of video replay and an official upstairs with the rulebook open to the proper article. Coach Brown and JoJuan Armour made a statement, saying they were upset about a holding call. A play in which Armour drew an objectionable conduct penalty for the manner he was complaining to the officials. The CFL media release the story that doesn't make sense, while the true story gets obscured.

This is following the beergate reporting, where, because of the game's position as the 2nd half of a double-header, didn't have their top-tier reporting. Their coverage was pre-occupied with the replay and missed the entire development of the incident, only covering the aftermath and airing their opinions of what happened. The media release their story that doesn't make sense, while the actual events, including actions taken by the players in the exchange with the fans, are left misreported and obscured.

I want to commend Rod Pedersen for his courageous attempts to research and report the truth about CFL events.

as if, you rider fans still beleive anything rod pederson says, it would be like me writing about the bombers but he is more biased

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Saskatchewan's defence should present a formidable challenge for Ray and Co.
If only they drew the Eskimos as an opponent.

come on zworst.

the Riders allowed the fewest yards defensively!!

they always , (except for 2 games) made the offensive teams struggle! this defense is one of the best in the league. Better than the Lions, Esks, Stamps. Bombers.. etc etc

you have got to stop being so blinded by your own stupidity!

  1. "Zworst" is unnecessary.
  2. Did you miss the part where the Riders don't play Edmonton this week, and therefore cannot prove to be a challenge for Ray?