CFL Media Release about Week 1 games

Some real good stuff in here for those interested in stats regarding attendance , demographics, penalties , TV ratings etc etc .

Those TV numbers need to be around 750 to make this season a success. Obviously attendance will be fine e in Ottawa, Hamilton, and Saskatchewan. Montreal seems to be turning it around , hopful!y TO will average over 23 this season and Winnipeg can hold it around 25 despite what appears to be another terrible season. The real fear is that Edmonton and Calgary will slump lower than Winnipeg's attendance despite having far superior teams.BC is a write off until the chemotherapy.

My rough math tell me about 592,000 was the average on TSN for all four games , (according to Pats weekly post ) so quite a few from RDS must have tuned in to drive the average up to 665,000 for the four games . I could do the math and figure it out but too old and too lazy.

The Ticat/Argo game was the only one where I actually saw the RDS numbers, around 58k. But when you average in the Als game it's likely around 70k.
I think that's about right - the 9 CFL cities average around 70k viewers each. But that's a WAG, we know that the West drives ratings so it wouldn't surprise me if West TV viewers would be higher and the Toronto area viewers much lower.

Well fake Mikem… You have beaten this horse over and over again. However, I notice that it is now Sobey’s touchdown to win. Someone has been listening to you and made the contest national.

Attendance is usually a bit slow for a lot of teams to start the year. It should slowly ramp up as we move along towards labour day.