CFL Media Coverage

I have been saying for years how CTV/TSN with the Toronto anti CFL and pro NFL ad executives, have purposely kept the CFL down on TSN and now to include crazy scheduling of games.
Who decided how there must be triple headers on Saturdays and not to put any games on Sundays after August.
Not to mention TSN only coverage for the entire year.
While NFL, NBA, MLS, Golf etc are always on the CTV side when dealing to include playoffs and major finals/tournaments?
How come, as no one has ever answered?

it seems you and I are going rabid over this very question

I have seen our commish Randy quite a bit on TV, not once has this come up as an issue or even been asked.
I certainly would love to talk to him about it.
Before his tenure, I did speak to Jeffrey Orridge.
He showed up quite a few times at the Argos games at BMO.
To his credit, he would go into the crowd from the box to speak with the fans.
My season ticket seats are right in front of the box he sat in.
Anyway, he came down sat beside me and we had a nice chat for about 5 minutes.
I asked him and he agreed how the CFL TV property is grossly undervalued and not to mention the need to involve the main CTV network or even multiple carriers.
Both issues he considered as very high on his future tenure, unfortunately he was not renewed…so who knows.

I’ll guessing some of you guys won’t be thrilled with this TSN scheduling.

TSN’s website has this schedule for Sunday November 10th (date of the East and West semi-finals.)

TSN1 - good start with a one hour CFL pregame show at Noon followed by the East semi-final from 1-4, a 30 minute post/pre-game show scheduled at 4 followed by the West Final at 4:30

TSN2 - from 6:30PM Saturday - 2:00PM Sunday afternoon TSN2 will be showing reruns of the 2016 MLS Cup, the 2017 MLS Cup and then twice each of the three 2019 Toronto FC playoff games. Then at 2L00PM a tennis program followed at 2:30PM by a Best of MLS program. Then they have reruns of the World Under 17 Hockey Challenge Gold Medal game and a FIFA Under 17 soccer game. Then from 8PM Sunday night right through until Noon on Monday - other than 2 hours of Sportscentre it is five reruns of the 2019 MLS Cup game between Toronto FC and Seattle. A West semi-final rerun finally shows up on the TSN2 sked at 11:30PM Monday night.)

TSN3 - has NFL Countdown on from 10AM to 1PM, then Jets pregame and game until at least 4:30PM (Jets game starts at 2:00PM so will likely end around 4:45PM. Then they pick up the West semi-final likely in progress.

TSN4 - At noon Sportscentre. Then at 1PM one of their Engraved on a Nation documentaries - this one on the fan culture of Toronto FC. Then at 2:0PM Best of the MLS followed by a 30 minute MLS Cup pregame show, then the game and post game until 6:00PM. So no CFL.

TSN5 = No CFL at all either as they have a 2PM - 6PM NASCAR race.

So the only channel with the East game will be TSN 1. They’ll also have the west game as will TSN3 but TSN3 might miss the start because the Jets game will likely run past 4:30PM.

So if you are setting a PVR right now it looks like TSN1 is the channel to program to record.

AGREED across the board here. Idk wat to say as to why Bell whether TSN Or CTV 2, along with some financially stable cfl Markets. Cant have the stable markets have A CFL this Week show. That could be Simulcast on such networks.
As for Toronto. MLSE & BELL BOTH 1/3 partners in this insane partnership.
Cant have a weekly CFL This week league show that culd be broadcast & Paid for By MLSE. And have the show at least hit the networks in every market. Like CTV2, LOcal ROGERS TV networks across ontario.
& the Shaw TV out in the West.

Why should MLSE pay for the production of a CFL This Week show?
They are one of 9 team owners.
Why should they alone pay for a show that promotes the entire league?

So the CFL semi-finals are not broadcast in Ontario.

And people wonder why CFL viewership is down in Ontario. :o

I have Vmedia as my TV provider. Get all 5 TSN channels with my package, no problem. Even the Basic tv package for $35, you get all 5 TSN channels.

Exactly this TSN deal has no teeth .

Who signed a deal that broadcasts your most important show case to get interest in the story your selling by not making sure it’s nationally on TV .

One of the big stories this year is the Als unlikely success .

Yet TSN or let’s say it like it is really BELL declines to show it nationally .

I have many friends and family and none have all 5 TSN channels .

They have ONE .

Why the H would they ?

The content is bare .

Pretty sure we get TSN1 in Ontario?

I have standard Rogers package and we get all 5 TSN channels.

Regarding TSN 2 and 4, it’s a bit of a break that went against the CFL here.

With MLS changing the playoff format this year, the championship game is now earlier. Previously it would be within the first 2 weeks of December. In addition, it was on Saturdays in years past so no conflict with the CFL playoffs before.

With TFC making an unexpected run to the finals, TSN needs to give it a high priority especially with Bell being a part owner too. No Ontario based teams playing this week doesn’t help either.

It’s a perfect storm, otherwise there would very likely be CFL coverage on TSN 2 or 4. Maybe both.

Personal experience up here and visiting other places in Ontario ; I cannot get all the TSN channels unless they or I pay extra whether thru a bundle or thru a sports package .

Rural area around me still use antennas as well so 0 TSN .

Have football friends who only watch the NFL .

Cannot watch the CFL even if they wanted to watch .

I was kinda shocked when I couldn’t get Ottawa games on the only TSN channel when visiting away in various Ontario locations .

I get all 5 thru streaming the TSN app .

This maybe my last year fed up with TSN .

This is a fact HNIC is the one sports show that always is in the top 30 .

Why because they broadcast on the CBC on the same time every Saturday Night .

You know where to find it not searching 5 TSN channels .

Again if TSN put one as a NATIONAL feed on basic all this negative TSN talk would end .

Regional TSN set up has been bad for the CFL .

Because they’re jerks.


I have TSN Live on my computer. $20.00 a month and never miss a CFL game no matter where it is played. I can cancel at any time So after the Grey Cup game I am gone. Then return for the World Junior games after Christmas.

Why you ask. At least Bell should be doing it as they own
Tsn and CFL rights.
As for Rogers the other huge Multi Media company & Owner of Sportsnet.
Its crazy as both own an equal 1/3 share of MLSE.
Promote your country and its all Canadian City pro football league.

All the games should be on cbc across Canada , that way everyone knows where to go to watch it, like it used to be, Get it done Canada , Dump tsn.

How do you find the quality?

I bought it last November for Grey Cup, but the lag made the game unwatchable. I cancelled the next day.

And then it should be mandatory to have it on all basic t.v. Cable , sattelite , packages in Canada,

The lag can be a problem at times. Other times there is no lag. My internet service provider says the problem could be with TSN. I will upgrade my internet service and see what happens. Not a big problem as long as those Ti-Cats keep winning.

Rogers basic cable: atleast 1 tsn channel
Bell fibe: no tsn channels