CFL Media Coverage

I subscribe to TSN Live in order to watch the CFL games. In Montreal, there is no coverage of the CFL teams other than a little news when Montreal plays. How is it that TSN reporters do not report the CFL scores/ news on the CJAD800, TSN690 radio stations? Plenty of news re NFL, NBA but no news about their own product which is the CFL.
Bell Media=TSN=CTV=CJAD800=TSN690.
Bell Media through CTV provides OTA coverage of NFL games.
There seems to be a great effort to promote the NFL while ignoring the CFL.
Is there a conflict of interest?
Does this happen in other cities across Canada?
Longtime supporter of our game…the CFL.

Bell in 2010 repurchased TSN and I see the level of CFL promotion lower than ever .

TSN was a good partner but with Bell they have other fish they want to fry and it shows with NFL promotion and other endeavours they wish to accomplish like Raptor promotion .

You would think with Bell and CTV the CFL would explode with cross promotion .

My streaming TSN is filled with Raptors co branding with many commercials .

Not much CFL co branding except for the one Matt Dunigan Ram commercial I only see watching CFL games .

TSN radio has not been a CFL promo tool at all .

Bell with ownership of the Argos brand has been a total disaster .

FWIW and perhaps many here can offer more perspective, I catch all the CFL games on radio in my car when not at home on Canada Talks via Sirius XM.

Of course that’s typically a news analysis channel and leans conservative.

I vividly remember a couple of years ago driving down the qew to an Argo game at BMO on a Saturday afternoon and had AM 590 on listening to a sports update. First of course was the BJs, then Leafs, Raptors preseason, TFC , college football updates from South of the border and even Premier League matches from the UK. Not even a mention of the Argos tilt at 4 Pm . That pretty much sums up the problem.

The TSN super Saturday CFL for instance requires you to search and change your channel for all three games .

Not sure why they call it that when the regions either get one game or two games but not all three .

Who decides what region gets what as well .

My region sometimes doesn’t get the game involving my regions team which is playing in Ontario .

Such a confusing mess with their streaming as the region channels do not align with the programming they put-on the screen to watch .

So when I hear CFL viewing numbers are down it’s no wonder when they have removed a national fed game with the old system versus this regional system for some reason place F1 racing , skating and NCAA games over the CFL coverage .
Always thought that is what TSN 2 was for alt programming and the regionals were to help TSN put hockey region deals in place .

Who decides what region watches F1 racing over the CFL ?

Where is the CRTC on this for sake of TSN? Any jurisdiction?

Clearly they are out to 3 or 4 meals on this not merely lunch.

Everything TSN does is in accordance with the licence issued by the CRTC …

Drive into work last summer. Naylor ( CFL insider) and Landsberg chuckling over, apart from baseball, there’s nothing much to talk about.

TSNs biggest station in Canada’s biggest media market.

CFL is TSNs embarrasing relative they hide in the basement then drag upstairs for get togethers. Some acknowledge, “Hey how are you, you look good”, others avoid eye contact.

Dragged back downstairs when no longer needed.

Yes it’s really to bad the cfl can’t be broadcast by. Cbc. Again, They put the games on across the country and no one was embarrassed about it. That’s from coast to coast. We need to get the cbc involved again somehow.

How about a TSN reporter in Montreal on a Saturday morning with the quote “So much sports on Friday night. Thank goodness there was no football”. I am very satisfied with the TSN Live feed which gives me all the CFL games for only $20.00 per month. Commentators are fine. Video lags at time but not a big problem. My beef is with the TSN reporters locally who do not support the CFL. Why not support your own product?

Yes the good old days when the CFL was broadcast by both the CBC and CTV.
Anis Stukus, Ernie Afaganis, Johnny Esaw, etc.
And the NFL OTA coverage of Y.A. Tittle and the New York Giants.

Isn’t that a TSN problem . They sell the NFL on the top shelf with CTV .

They may have employee issue with managers or individual reporters that don’t like the CFL . That’s the crux of it .

If your selling something they need to be on board if not they are free to start their own radio or TV network .

If your selling a product to advertisers and the reporters for that same platform don’t plug the league with CFL conversation isn’t that defeating the purpose of having your own TSN radio .

If it was independent that’s another matter but the affiliates that have a stake in the companies bottom line . Is that not part of the deal when you sign on .

It’s a promotional tool . No advertisers then no radio or TV network .

In Montreal right now the team is owned by Bell TSN with the other owners of the CFL . You would think it would be a priority .

I have fallen away from watching the NFL but last night I watched the last 1/2 of the Packers and Chiefs. It was a great game ,back and forth, real entertaining BUT. End of the game 2 minutes left, the Packers get a 1st down and the games over! They just run the clock out in a half hearted way. Talk about anti-climatic and boring. It just reminded me of what a great game the CFL is. The last 2 minutes of many CFL games have me perched on the edge of my seat or up and pacing the floor. Viva CFL !

I believe they are only owned by the CFL at this time. The owner of Guzzo Cinema chain (Dragon’s Den Vince Gusman) and a few other groups did show some interest, but have not heard anything definite of new owners.

Dream on … they are out of the pro sports business … their HNIC broadcasts give Sportsnet free air-time in return for running some ads for their own shows … window dressing PR after HNIC went to Rogers.

Yes The CFL is still the owner and the CFL receives money from the BOG .

CFL does not have enough money to bankroll a team on their own especially this long without the teams kicking in money to pay the bills .

Most likely the influence of MLSE which includes Bell did not want to lose the Montreal market and then of course the rest of the league which would have had to deal with the lost revenue in their media rights deal if Montreal was lost .

Like Toronto they really can’t give up any large influential market .

They have a few kicking the tires and expect a deal shortly for a new owner .

Montreal Als team thread has some good information regarding that .

How about the CRTC do its basic job? Why should TSN be afforded discretion to put F1 or whatever other crap borrowed from part owner Disney south of the border in place of a CFL game in various provinces?

TSN Radio out in Vancouver will run a simulcast of a the Atlanta-Carolina NFL game, or some obscure college football rather than broadcast another CFL game (using a feed from a sister TSN/Bell owned station in another market) in a league they have a team in.


i am 100% convinced that Bell and Rogers would rather buy US content then produce anything. Look at their lineup for regular tv or US sports.

That’s why I wouldn’t care if they the rules get changed and these companies disappeared. They are American really in every sense but name, continue to have all the advantages of current legislation in Canada protecting them from foreign competition. What for? Both buy US programming to the max and that’s what they promote.