CFL , maybe going to.... SATELLITE!

This article was in today’s , SAT. STAR’s …on the front page of the BUSINESS section…

The link was too long to write.

But here are some details…

Canadian Sattellite Radio… seeks exclusive out of market rights [CFL]

It will have a 1 million 5 year deal , that will make sure that every can hear the

CFL…all over… NORTH AMERICA. :smiley:

They want to broadcast this season… :smiley:

Deal is through the 2010 season. :smiley:

Are U.S fans will be happy… :smiley:

Its a little confusing how you wrote the post.
You said satalite radio and everyone can SEE. Did you mean hear?
Satalite radio is cool but i think it will be a little expensive. Last I heard it was 20$ a month in the US figure 25-30 here

Or is it satellite TV & Radio?

Sorry… RADIO…and thanks. :smiley:

Only thing American's buy satellite raido for is baseball

We have fans.........from the states who can't get allot of CFL games.

And some Canadians may like this , as well.

Hey, it is more money for the CFL.......why not?

Sorry milkman but that is far from the truth
Most americans buy it becuase it is comercial free, you can drive from one coast to the other and listen the the same station all the way there. Also there are many specialty channels sports, comedy, talk, 70ies or 80ies etc.

oh, i didn't know that. It might actually be worth the money. And does that mean that there will be no commercials on the CFL broadcasts?

does XM broadcast in Canada? Or is that the states only? And if it is, what is the satellite radio provider here?

here it is

Well the CRTC just gave permission for sat radio in Canada so provider and price is TBA
BTW special equipement is required.

Actually it seems that XM is going to broadcast from Toronto

Whoda figured satalite radio from the center of the universe.
Just kidding
Easy big fella
Down boy
Stop stop


ro1313..........very funny........ :lol:

But they wiil have all games, I think.

The CBC is showing , the WIN @ CAL game instead of HAMILTON and OTTAWA game........just to clearify things. :wink: :lol: :smiley:

Isnt that the one they are supposed to be showing

YUP…but they could have just as well show the other one…instead.

Its too bad they dont do like in hockey A western game televised in the west and and eastern one in the east

I agree with you on that one........but sometimes they do have east / west double headers on SAT..... 1 starts at 7pm and the other at 10pm.

AND believe it or not..........I agree with you that both the EXPOS and the HABS got screwed by the Leaf games and the JAYS games........

on that people have a right to be mad.
What can I do , I have even written them about how unfair that was.......................I got no answer............loll............

I like the HABS. :wink: