CFL may return to Old Logo

Why not have both. Have the new one for apps.

^^This^^ :thup:

I think it's worth giving the new logo a shot, at least until after we see it over different platforms.
The original thread about the logo introduction did mention that it looks great digitally and on branded items, so I'm at least willing to give it a shot in that respect.
That and I don't much like the former logo. Too tacky :stuck_out_tongue:

If that’s what they were doing, that’d be great. But the half-assed launch was not the league “listening to its fans.” It was being half-assed about the launch.

Who launches a new logo without a website ready to go to showcase it?
Who launches a new logo while having all their league staff at the event in question wearing the old logo on screen at the same time?

I mean, the new logo has been invisible since the launch. That is not how you launch new branding successfully.

It does make it easier to backtrack, but backtracking now doesn’t change that the launch was badly done in the first place.

The San Francisco 49's comes immediately to mind.

Well, I guess I'm in the "old boys" club who like things the way they were.

Yet I was in favour of the change from the old helmet logo.


I guess what I don't like about the new logo is that the previous one was flashy and colourful and had the big maple leaf on it. Even the old old logo was colourful and had the big maple leaf on it.

This one is gray and drab, with no flash, and has very little Canadian about it.

Kind of like the new commissioner.

The new logo is very weak and it's "launch" was a disaster.

Having said that, there's no going back....the League needs to shut up about it and very quietly, over the winter, eliminate all images of the old logo, develop and enhance their marketing efforts and re-launch big time next May just before camp starts.

well the CFL has just about turned this CFL fan into a CFL who cares kinda guy. you award the grey cup to buddies , why not have another one in T.O. they love the CFL there. let's change the rules , logo and load them up with Videos when they visit the cfl site. well sure hope they attract the younge :oops: :oops: :oops: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: r fan base before they lose the old fan base. The league has gone down hill in a hurry. don't forget to do a whole new jersey thing . theres money there .Good luck comish


Good one BigDave! :thup: [/i]

[i]About the new logo. Since when is a football the color gray?

Gray coloured footballs… Is the CFL now gonna use colour neutral footballs to not offend colour blind people? [/i]


Cheap shot. I have faith in the new guy and I think he'll turn out to be a good commissioner. Let's see how next year goes.


Heh, yeah. The old logo has a red football, IIRC, not brown. I guess we have to go back to the original logo to get a realistic brown football.


For a logo I'm not caught up in the colour of the football in it so long as it is attractive and appealing. There is nothing wrong with the logo still on this site, and I have always loved it.

Why they changed what is not broken is one thing, but to come up with that abomination that could have been drawn up even by someone having a rough day as they played Atari games while on the throne is inexcusable. I hope over the winter that the craptastic new logo just fades from the football universe. :thdn:

You know, I've never cared much for Saskatchewan's logo. Maybe they should change it just to please me since my opinion is the only one that matters. :roll:

It kind of looks like the bottom of a stingray

Should just go back to the helmet

It looks good on the Twitter feed...

Facebook as well. That was intended, I'm sure. Though they still haven't gotten around to the website.