CFL may return to Old Logo

Came across this tweet indicating the CFL might actually go back to the old logo.

I think @sportcage is one of the Saskatchewan media guys.

Remember, the CFL promised back in September the new website would launch, continually delaying.

During the Grey Cup they said it would launch this week.

I wonder if it does not come today or this week, if they realize they had made a big mistake and are going to scrap the plan?

Can't deny that the new logo and marketing plan is controversial. I would say from where I stand most people have been negative.


It seems unlikely given that it'd be an admission of a blunder, especially after revealing it on the biggest stage the CFL has.

But they clearly weren't ready for that reveal in the first place, given most things still had the old logo. The website still has the old logo, which means the new logo has poor visibility from the league already, right after launching. Doesn't look very professional to take so long on switching logos like this.

Given that, they probably could backtrack without too much of a fuss (aside from it being yet another failure on the commissioner).

Please no. This will make the league look much worse.

Negative reviews to change is pretty common mainly from the 'if it ain't broke....' train of thought.

Best plan IMO is just to get the new website up with the new branding and move forward.

If the Big Ten can take a mulligan on the Leaders and Legends Divisions; scrapping them for a geographically friendly East West split, then the CFL can scrap a hilariously bad logo before it ever gets used.

Another example of precedent being set was when Iowa and Iowa St tried to revamp the CyHawk trophy with a monstrosity that never got used due to severely negative fan outcry.

The old one looked like this:

They tried to change it to this:

But the fans loudly rejected it, so they changed it to this instead:

Together, you can indeed make a difference.


Well if they do change back, then I'm sure they'll use the 'we listen to our fans' type spin to sell it.

Though OT, I appears Mt. Orridge acknowledges people look at him as a newbie. Cause he is but I do wonder who is on the league's PR team.

Jeffrey Orridge? Verified account ? ?@Commish13 Approx.7 months,7 days, 7 hours in new gig.Sorry couldn't learn everything,do everything, be everywhere, I wanted.Thx 4 #patience4newguy

I thought the new website launch was more about making a more user friendly website with access to more advanced stats and information like you see in other leagues and less about the logo. That's what the league has been promising for a while now and something Orridge had indicated was slowing the process down to get up and functioning. Editing the logo and basic design overall is a pretty simple process in the grand scheme of things.

Have you ever heard of another organization launch their new logo, and then not use it like this? It's just weird.

The logo launch shouldn't have happened until they were ready to go. That means the new website, updated uniforms, everything. The time to do it was likely the start of a season, because it's hard to argue they were ready for it at the Grey Cup.

Jeffrey Orridge ?@Commish13 4h4 hours ago

Approx.7 months,7 days, 7 hours in new gig.Sorry couldn't learn everything,do everything, be everywhere, I wanted.Thx 4 #patience4newguy

I thought this was a horribly ill-advised Tweet from a league Commissioner, both in terms of content and punctuation (yea, I "get" the 140 character thing, but commas and spacing are all over the place). Do we really need to be reminded that he's the "new guy?" Shouldn't that have been his opening remark when he addressed the media at Grey Cup (i.e. "I've only been on the job a short time so my first Grey Cup is an invaluable opportunity to meet with all of you and learn as much as I can to get things right. I may not have all the answers for you today, but you can expect them shortly"), not as damage control when his performance was skewered?

The "learn everything, do everything, be everywhere" part almost came across as smart-ass (even though I am sure that's not the way it was intended).

In fact, I'm getting a little tired of commissioners who don't actually have a real grasp of the league's history and culture. Why this continual round of "new guys" who have to spend the first year of their tenure just getting up to speed with the basics? I'd like to believe that the history and the future of our league is in good hands. At this point, I'm not convinced.

Where are the Jake Gaudaurs when you need them?

LOL. Only in the CFL. That is why I LOVE this League.

I know returning to the old logo will come across as amateurish but there is no such thing as bad publicity so...

I assumed they'd update the League logo to more of a "shield type" like the other big pro sports leagues, when we get the 10th team in Halifax. Truly national, so to speak...

B1G got mocked for years for Leaders and Legenders and backed down finally. No one looks down on the B1G for that, they rather think it was the right decision. No business should be applauded for sticking with a ill-advised change.

Did people want the Blue Jays to stick to those ridiculous black jerseys and that horrible logo as well?

No I haven't and this league backtracking and being the first one to do it, acknowledging the power of it's fans and the power of social media is a good thing. Fans being able to an extent drive the league on important matters such as this, to me is a selling point more then anything. That this league isn't another old boys club of owners who do what they want, when they want and milk the fans. Coming up with gimmick all-star weeks, placing teams in ridiculous markets and going forward with corny marketing ideas and dragging the sports fans love through the mud. The fact that fans have a part in this league, from being able to reach out and touch a player, to the logo and that is something far more special and marketable then any grey blob.

The problem is, anyone who voices disdain for the new design is automatically tarred with the, "old guy, set in his ways, can't see the bigger picture" brush when in reality it's none of that. The new league logo just plain sucks.

I don't believe it. Sounds like BS.

I hope they do an about face. The new logo looks terrible!

As much as I love this league, the people running it are increasingly looking like a bunch of stumblebums. One step forward and two steps back, again and again...

Everybody has an opinion, but only a true snob thinks theirs is better than everyone else's.

A lot of people on here seem to think they're aesthetic values are superior to everyone else's.