CFL May As Well Not Even Play Next Season

Reading sports sections in the major papers, and listening on the radio and TV, I wonder if the CFL
should even bother playing next season?

I mean the doomsday scenario these guys spout about the CFL is almost laughable. Just because the Grey Cup wasn't an offensive shootout, suddenly the talent on the field is no good? The Toronto Sun even said CFL teams should become minor league teams for the NFL?

I guess CFL fans across the country should be used to these a-holes in the media. After all, these guys think the CFL is boring, but find baseball exciting?

And this constant comparison of the CFL to the NFL and the Super Bowl. I ask what does a league in a foreign country have to do with us? And why is the CFL always measured against it?

Questions I can't answer. I doubt the yahoos in the media could also. They just can't stop from taking the negative angles when the CFL is involved. CFL fans I guess should just get used to it. Worrying about it could drive you nuts.

man to love the CFL you have tp put up with it from everywhere. because for some reasoon the NFL is supreme because of a ten time lager fan basin. But then all you gotta do is remember that the CFL is much richer in tradition and at one time destroyed the NFL. that always brings a smile to my face.

From what I can tell here in the Midwest, the anti-CFL mood has got to be coming from inside Canada, more specifically Toronto...the NFL has no problem with the CFL, and most (unfortunately, not all) American Football fans don't hate the CFL-they just don't know enough about it.

Toronto media sucks.It's pretty much American. They don't care about the 25 other million people in Canada. Why should we care about them.

You'll have to forgive me for my generalization bu it's true..

It has nothing to do with the product, it has to do with the perceived social status of being a CFL fan to Toronto's media moguls.

They think they're too good for anything that's not #1 in the US sports markets.

They (The T.O Media) is actually quite sickening, and should just become US citizens already.

Bunch of ESPN, FOX, NBC Ass Kissers!

hey man i agree on your words, TO might as well be apart of the US. and it is true the way they don;t believe in the CFL and that is hard to see coming that they are canadian. but the CFL always come through.

Over in the Lions forum we got a couple of posters ,danydan and dupsdell ,spouting the same crap.

On the other hand I was just watching Monday Night Football and at haltime , they showed yesterdays highlights . And surprise ,they COVERED the GREYCUP GAME!!

you here all thi crap about how bad the Grey Cup was, but these same idiots spout how great the Neandertal Flatulence League (old fart league)is, have they watched any these MNF games???? They are beyond pathetic. If a CFL game ends up 25-14, it's a boring game. If an NFL game ends up 6-3 or 9-0 it's a great "titanic" defensive struggle??!!! This is beyond idiocy!!! :x