CFL Mascot Fight Card

Here is my current record against the following CFL mascots:

Blitz from Montreal - owned him at a game in 1999

Ralph the Dog - Calgary - hit me first with his "fence" from D or O fence cheer.

BC Lion Mascot - tried to steal my Tiger Cat flag. Ticat players were seen laughing as I held him by the ear while punching his ginormous head.

Buzz from Winnipeg - Got into it with him at Grey Cup 2002 at Touch Me Manitoba party
Boomer from Winnipeg - jumped me from behind as I was filling his partner.

Future bouts:

Gainer the Gopher: CFL icon. Like Mark Messier, no one will challenge him anymore.

Scary Bear from Edmonton: So mean looking, I wont go with him.

Argonut or Boatman - instigator. Starts the fight then turtles.

Thought everyone should lighten up a bit. It was the Argos, but it was only one game.

I like Ralph...he's always being a fav evenm though now i'm a cats fan...calgary and raph will always be speical...your right though we do need to calm down its getting riddicules

I used to like Ralph until he clocked me with a fence. All because I asked the Cop next to him on the sidelines if there was a leash law in Calgary.

Beauty thread!

All I got's this:

  1. Once laid down in front of T.C.'s ATV, taunting him to run me over (back in the day when he was having troubles with the not running over humans thing)

  2. Took on Earl, the Walkin' Rockin' Grey Cup (Sask.'s mascot for the '95 Cup). I feigned a grab at his nether regions to distract him while an accomplice pinned a button on him.

  3. I've heard alot of talk since the game about the argo helmet car, and how its not a tradition. However, I swear I remember it back at the Ex, and I know for a fact that it was around as early as the late 1980's at skydome. Myself and a fellow Hamiltonian used to do maintenance work at the dome when it first opened, and for a couple years we made a point of writing "argos $uck" in the dust that would accumulate on the helmet as it sat in the bowels of that ridiculous stadium.

True that too, re: its only one game. The way the chips have fallen is all to the good. You always gotta tee up the ball first before you wind up and smash it into oblivion.

We're still in contention for the Ballard Cup too.