CFL Marketing - Boom or Bust

We have just come thru the Christmas season - we have been inundated with advertising from Canadian Tire
To Walmart - how about your CFL Team? Did they produce a buzz at Christmas for season tickets - merchandise - etc - I don't mean here in CFL . Ca - the casual fan doesn't come here - but in radio , TV, billboards - at bus stops, downtown streets, airports , banners in your city , etc ... If they did please let us know - if they didn't please let us know - and maybe this is not just a question for Christmas but how about all year long - does your CFL Team make a positive vibe in your city or province ? Or is the CFL just becoming a cult following just to the faithful who are diminishing every year . Cohon calls the league a mom and pop league - better be careful what you say - it may come to pass - just like every mom and pop retailer who has been taken over by the box chain store - and oh what happened to the mom and pop burger joints ? McDonald's swallowed them up - I'm sure Cohon knows something about having an aggressive brand that rules the advertising channels - wether burgers or football

Cohon may have referred to the CFL as a Mom and Pop league. People tend to love the Mom and Pops stores. In the underbelly the CFL is becoming anything but a Mom and Pop league. Ask OSEG and Calgary S&E if they are running mom and Pop operations.
In Hamilton Mr Young was a real Pop. With a new Modern Stadium with every modern revenue stream possible that the stadium generate, a not so Mom and Pop corporate Partner In Tim Horton's backing, and a second franchise, NASL, under the TiCat brand.
The Riders transforming from a real Mom and Pop operation into a corporation of Green.
CFL is now anything than a Mom and Pop operation. So I say Boom

Until the CFL joins the 1980s and produces a video game for kids to play then in no way shape or form has the CFL produced a successful Christmas marketing campaign.

Bah. Reducing it to that one thing is simplistic.

The Redblacks had a 12-day(s of Christmas) sale so went out e-mails daily to make people aware of that day's bargain, but I don't know if that went to season ticket holders only, or to anyone that signed up to be on the mailing list. I suspect that latter.

But aside from that, they've just kept their standard social media presence and I believe visited a few schools and charities, hockey games, and so on. The few players who stick around are kept busy.

The Ti-Cats set up a store in the most popular mall in Hamilton Lime Ridge Mall for the Christmas season. They also advertised locally Christmas gift vouchers where the recipient could redeem the voucher for two bronze tickets to any game next season except the Labour Day game plus one from a list of souvenir items.

So in Hamilton I would say Boom!

Great news on Ticats and Red Blacks - just wondering are they now at the forefront of the CFL with bold
Up to date advertising and team spirit - they seem to have the much needed 18-39 fan base more then the other teams? Or at least in tv it looks that way - why does it seem some of the teams do next to nothing re city spirit and advertising ? - the comment I hear from several cities and people is that u didn't even know there was a football game even being played that day - time to turn it around

Ticats and Redblacks are Ontario’s team, great new stadiums, Argos are a nothing CFL team and right now , they have no where to play but I’ll give Braley credit, he’s not a mouse like Cynamon and Soklowski were (ok, they were liked :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ), but anyway it’s all about the World Junior Hockey Championship. Even for me, CFL and NFL right now on New Year’s Eve, couldn’t care less. Or baskeball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, tiddlywinks…

Canada, 2-1 over US with one period to go! GO CANADA GO! Max Domi, what a player! :o

Hamilton, get an OHL team and the World Juniors. AHL hockey doesn’t count.

Ok, time to crack open another brewski and head down for the 3rd!!!

I don't think there is any secret that both the TiCats and REBLACKS key to their big turnaround are the new stadiums. The Cats for years now have been playing at the very outdated and rundown Ivory Wynn. In Ottawa the reincarnation of football with the Renegades the same with an old Frank Claire.
the prim 18-39 crowd, and the now growing up of fans to the 18-39 crowd will be drawn to new venues with modern game day experiences and amenities. Both Venues have it now and it took no time at all to see both stadiums packed.
Another great point is that the TiCats have opened a store in a very popular mall where that demographic attend. As well a modern in stadium TiCat store.
For the RedBlacks much of the same with the OSEG store where REDBLACKS, POPULAR 67'S, and the addition of the Fury merchandise and pro soccer team. The 67's already had that younger demographic and the Fury already had a full youth Academy which open up the OSEG brand to a younger group growing into that demographic. Once the downtown Landsdwone hip resturaunts, Sports bars, etc will bring a great game day experience for pre and post game entertainment.
Like all CFL teams now they have their online TV programming on their sites.
With teams producing their own programming cities like Ottawa and Hamilton who have local sports teams programming around games on local RogersTV and Coneco Cable 14. having these online TV programming likely to be broadcast on such networks where sports like 67's Hockey and MAC football already have programming where fans already are very familiar with will bring the online programing to a more mainstream sports audience.

As for the riders they have already been working on several programming options that can be found on their website. in 2013 the Coaches show got aired weekly on Global, this year they tweaked the programming. No doubt that their programming will not only be streamed online shows and streamed game day pre and post game shows but will also find a network to carrying this programming.

3-1 for da boys!!!!! Reinhart, awesome!!

That goal changes things, what an ending coming up...

JUST WOW!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

what does it change for the cfl???

as far as marketing goes, is it boom or bust???

Ok, back to biz, I couldn't care less about a stupid video game so I'm with those that say boom! The best marketing for the league will be to know what's going to happen to Toronto one way or another, that's a key besides what individual teams are doing. Looking forward to a 2015 campaign and another crack at the Grey Cup. As much as I'm excited right now watching the World Juniors, gridiron football is still my favourite sport to watch and the CFL my favourite league to follow. I really feel connected to Canada from a cultural and social basis being a CFL fan.

Happy New Year to everyone, hope it is a happy and safe one for all!

Happy New Year Earl and everyone.
I do think though for the younger generation, heck even us old regulars here, a CFL video game is crucial for marketing sake.
This should be a top 3 priority for the new commish coming in.

Fair enough ArgoT, I'm sure that you are much more versed in the virtues and benefits of a video game than myself since I don't play them but my wife, at 53, loves her Facebook game, she's addicted I will say.