CFL Magazines

Hi Folks,

Is there any Magazines or publication you could recommend that cover the Riders and CFL in general ?


Non. C'est un marché très limité et le coût de distribuer au Canada (à cause de la faible densité de la population) fait qu'aucun magazine ne pourrait survivre à ne se consacrer qu'à cette ligue.

Il y a les journaux, la radio, la télévision, mais surtout Internet.

Sportsnet magazine is coming up to its first anniversary. It comes out every two weeks and is a nice package with some excellent writing. But because Rogers does not have the CFL as one of its media properties, coverage of the league is fairly light. What there is is pretty decent, tho.

Agreed re: Sportsnet.... at least there is a little coverage.... this month 2 pages on Geroy Simon,, bunch of pages on the Olympics , and lots of the obligatory hockey coverage, in the middle of August to boot. !!!
5 or 6 years back (maybe longer?) there was a CFL magazine that covered only our league,, it was nice and slick but lasted one, maybe two years at best and then they pulled the plug... Suggest you, and we all, write to the league and request that they publish something again... if they dont hear us they wont know

Even mass-market mags struggle to make money these days. Newsweek, a major brand in North America, is losing buckets of money and scaling back its publicatiob schedule. The Word, one of the finest music magazines ever published in Britain, recently threw in the towel altogether.

A niche product like a CFL magazine has little to no chance of succeeding, given the production and distribution costs and the ever-shrinking price that advertisers will pay. There isn't even an NFL-only magazine in the U.S., so I don't think you will find anyone in Canada willing to bankroll the losses that would be attached to a CFL mag. Magazines in general -- at least as hard-copy products -- are dying a slow death, sadly.

Irish Lion, I could recommend a couple of books I've received as gifts and not quite started reading yet:

"West Riders Best: 1966: Before, Then & After"

Looks like it is written by Rob Vanstone, a long-time Regina Leader Post sports news writer, who has covered the Riders extensively and for a long time. Comes in a soft cover. Not sure of the price--was probably bought at a local book store or an outlet of the Rider Store. On the back it does make reference to the LEADER-POST FOUNDATION which is likely a spin-off organization from the Regina Leader Post newpaper where Rob Vanstone works.

Another Rider book I have in hard cover and more expensive showing PRINTED IN CANADA @ $54.95 :

showing authors/contributors Calder, Staseson, Folk, Hughes, Vanstone, Davis and Marce

Hope this helps you because this is about all I can think of. I would think there are also books out there on the current and older history of the CFL as well. website may know more on this.

Good luck and cheers

Many thanks for the replies and informative views of the pros and cons of Magazines covering the CFL.

Robert thanks for the book recommendations and I will follow up your Book leads