CFL Magazine

Does anyone here have a subscription to CFL Magazine? I've been considering it but would like to know what it's like and it's worth my money. :frowning: It's too bad the Sport Illustrated doesn't cover the CFL at all.

If I could just a trailer to your post, if someone does have a subscription when does the next issue come out?

I believe this year issues were for :

  • June (pre-season expectations)
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • December (post-season wrap-up)

I bought the first issue in newstand and I will subscribe. It's a nice quality magazine. Texts were unequal, but any new magazine needs a few issues to be right on target.

Try it milkman. At least, grab a copy at Chapters. You'll be able to evaluate it yourself.

I got the magazine. Had some troubles getting them to send me it. I orignally subscribed using their online form on their crappy website. When nothing arrived I called and subscribed again. Another week went buy and still no magazine so I called and subscribed again.

On the last attempt they realized the mess up and gave me a 3 year subscription for the price of 1!

The magazine finally arrived and it's a quality magazine. Nothing's come in July, maybe as Third_And_Ten said, there is no issue in July.

I'd recommend it. The more people who support it the better!

I just hope Glen Suitor will talk about the CFL in his next column, and not about him being at TSN. A magazine's last page is supposed to be strong and insightful. This text was the magazine's weakest.

Suitor talking about himself?? Nooooooooooooooooo!