CFL Magazine

Did anyone else get burned by buying a CFL Magazine subscription? I purchased a 3-year subscription and only got 5 of 6 mags in the first year. It appears that they are no longer publishing, suggesting that the CFL has not renewed their agreement.

I too paid for a 3-year subcription and received 6 issues (2006). :x

I paid for a 2 year subscription and only received one back issue. Is there any way that we can get our money back???

I paid for a 5 year subscription and got 1 years worth.

Guess I won't ever do that again.

Coverage in the US is spotty at best, guess I'll need to depend on the internet more.

Go Stamps!


I don't know what to say. We could contact the publisher for a refund or, if you paid by Visa/Mastercard, contact them.

Hey, I did recieve a note from the CFL magazine apologizing for discontinuation of the product. To atone for their problems they sent a CD with CFL photos and a book called “A History of a Nation”. While it is not much, at least they provided something. Nothing worth my subscription but something. Who am I kidding? It is a hollow gesture.

The CFL magazine said the CFL did not want to renew the agreement. What’s with the CFL? Don’t they want the exposure? Why would they not support something like this?

My guess would be money.

But there's that old saying, to make money you gotta spend money.

I'm not sure printed magazines are really the way to go any more. The internet experience can provide a lot more bang for your buck. I suspect the mag just didn't sell well enough, and therefore attract enough advertising, to be worth the trouble.

You folks might be right. I suppoe we don't really know what was going on behind closed doors. That being said, I still think printed material has a place. Have you seen the newstands lately? They have a lot of printed material. I agree that the CFL Magazine didn't do enough on the Internet. Their site, when it was up, had nothing on it and wasn't very user friendly. Lessons learned? Maybe the CFL will bring one forward. Or Conrad Black will publish one. LOL

I bought all 10 copies off the rack. I thought about subscribing, but figured the better way to support the product was to buy it from stores as an incentive to keep carrying it on the shelves.

The trouble with the product was that it seemed little more than a 'Rah Rah' style of reporting and not enough indepth analysis of the teams etc etc.

I think a magazine could be successful if it focused on Canadian football in general and not just the CFL. It should cover the CIS and CFL as well as any Canadians playing in the US College system or NFL. It must also be critical of the leagues and their systems when necessary and shouldn't shy away from controversy like the Trevis Smith incident.

By doing this, you invite a broader consumer base. (What parent wouldn't be interested in following their sons' career through University?)

One issue of the magazine should replace the the season yearbook as to make it more affordable and act as another incentive to the consumer to subscribe.

This should make it a viable product!