CFL Magazine

Does anyone know the fate of CFL Magazine ?
My Wife subscribed to the magazine late last season and only ever recieved two issues.
Thier website seems to no longer work and we would have expected another issue to be out now.
When I did a google on them, I found a posting on another site with a simular question as mine.
I guess we got scamed!! I want my money back....but I would rather have had the magazines.

I inquired with the league. The mag is on hold. They are rethinking the format. Personally, I didn't like it. Too thin. Too bland. Too out-of-date. I suggested a Canadian Football mag that covers CFL, CIS, highschool, Canadians playing stateside and former CFLers...gotta broaden the market in my opinion.

Thanks for the info
I will have to get a hold of them and find out about what will happen to my wifes 2 year pre paid subsription.

You need to relax, your moneys not gone. The CFL is suposed to have a decision in April as to the direction they want to take the magazine. You can contact Can Media in April and Sharlene should be able to tell you what is happening with the mag.

They come out with something new and I will try it out.

I wanted to subscribe to it, but I was hesitant because of something like this happening (not to mention whenever I called them, all I got was an answerin machine) .... I did buy it from stores (when I could find it, which I think is also part of the problem), and I agree it wasn't great (slightly outdated), but it was better than nothing.

In hindsight I wish I had subscribed ... I wasn't aware that there were plans for a new version. If so, I'd subscribe to the new version, maybe after getting some sort of insurance policy :wink:

I thought that the Mag was excellent.

It had allot of great articles and info.

At least I supported it and they have my money for 1 more year.

GEZZZZZZZZZZ , the perception of the CFL can only get better if we support this kind of thing.RIGHT?

I recieved a phone call today from a representative of the Publisher. I was told that the league had decided to cancel the magazine and that the publisher was still considering re imbersement for those like myself who purchased a two year advance subscription.