CFL Magazine?

Is the CFL Magazine still being published? Can Media no longer lists it on its website. I had a two-year subscription starting in June 2005 but received a notification a couple of months back that my subscription was ending in January 2007, 4 months early. Did I miss something??

I just read somewhere how it went out of business. Very sad if true as it was a great mag.

Gee No refunds for what was paid for

That's a shame if its true, but I'm not surprised. The mag was a little thin and out-of-date by the time each issue was published. At the very least, a successful Canadian football mag would have to cover all levels of football and publish monthly with up-to-date stats. It would also be good to cover Canadian football players and former CFLers in other leagues. Dare I say it, but the magazine's unique style was probably the big reasons why it didn't catch on.

The biggest problem was the news was old and living in the states it was even older once my magazine came. Some of the best stuff was the historic items on the league. Maybe a magazine about CFL history would be better.

This magazine was the worst football mag ever.By the time subscribers got it the news was out of date.They had ex-cfl writers instead of qualified reporters. I remember in the first edition there was two articles comparing the cfl with the nfl and a silly kids corner.It was a superficial mag directed to those without significent knowledge of football- good riddance!

I decided not to renew. Good decision. I hope someone comes along and does it right. Maybe the English soccer mags would be a good model to mirror.

CFL Mag is not dead. I spoke to Peter Steel today, who is the director of client relations at Can Media. The CFL is currently reviewing the idea of a CFL magazine. They are trying to decide what direction they want the mag to go in. They might stay with Can Media or they might change the publisher. They are also going to decide what type of format they want to use. The CFL should have a decision by the end of Feb. Everyones money is safe, the next issue isn't due out untill May so there is no rush for Can media to do anything with subscription money. If Can Media is no longer involved then they will refund money at that time. I believe that a CFL magazine is important to the league and if Can media won't be doing it any longer I hope the CFL will find someone else to do the mag. If you want the CFL magazine to continue in some format than I suggest you phone Perry Lefko who is the CFL's Director of Communications @ 416-322-9650 ext 245. We need to let him know that we want a CFL magazine to continue.

I often thought that one possibility could be to have a weekly generic game programme/cfl magazine that would be available for fans who attend games with special inserts featuring the teams and players that are playing that day in your city.

I bought the old mag out of patriotism and loyality to the league but personally, I thought the magazine was pretty crappy.

A weekly. Yeah, that's what I was getting at when I mentioned the English soccer mags. As much as I love an attempt at creating a unique football, its got to have some semblance to what football fans are used to. Its got to have stats, flash, game reviews. Its got to be current and comprehensive.

I spoke to Perry Lefko today from CFL and he is very interested in hearing any comments and suggestions you may have to make the magazine more enjoyable. He can be e mailed at

Never caught my eye. Hopefully it will re-emerge in the more frequent format. It has the potential to by a really positive addition to the CFL culture. A center spread(even a foldout poster) would be welcome.

I second Oxbow's suggestion. I miss the old CFL Illustrated that served as both a gameday programme and a magazine with in-depth articles. Bring it back! I'd pay $5 a game for it.