CFL MAGAZINE website , now OPEN!

grand opening this or next week......see the ad here. :smiley:


The designers of the site are from EDMONTON , as is the mag.

high lights from this new site , include.

a special kids zone , site :smiley:

fun gambling and other games :smiley:

remembers your fav team , IP ...

FAN FORUMS :smiley:

stats......and the usually stuff :wink:

Speaking of the CFL Magazine, I sadly report that it doesn't seem to be available in Montreal anywhere.

I roamed the whole city to find it in newsstands. The only place I ever found it was in the Indigo/Chapters store located downtown Montreal. That's where I bought the first two issues of it.

When I went back in Spetember, there was no copy at all. I asked if everything had been sold.

"No, replied the clerk. We have not order any this month. And I doubt we'll ever order some more because it was not very popular. We've had it for two months and sold a total of 8 units."

Damn ! Only place in town to have it and they sold eight? And I bought 25 % of them ! lol... I laugh but I shouldn't. This is not great news. The guys in Edmonton should do something about it.

I blame the lack of publicity. How can anyone want something when they don't even know it exists? They should have placed ads in le Journal de Montréal, The Gazette, and at the Alouettes' games.

Booooo ! The guys in Edmonton fumbled the ball here...

phone them at.............. 1-866-264-3235

OR e-mail them at,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This issue is about the CFL REFS........great article!!!!!!!!! and features. Darren Flutie , has another excellent article about the CFL called " That's Entertainment"

MATT , writes about......... WARREN MOON.

SUITER , talks about , THE SALARY CAP!

JOE ZUGER and TONY GOLAB are featured.....ect..........

Great mag and they still have article on every team. Great you already know. :smiley:


I save that to my favoites. :wink:

IT IS UP NOW........check it out.


I was the first poster at the FORUMS. :smiley: :lol: :arrow:

looks pretty sweet

it does

I'm having touble regeserring.

try it is up again.