CFL Magazine is out : 2006!

Just recieved my first copy of the their second season issue. :thup:

ON THE COVER : An ex Ottawa player [Joeseph] is being tackled , called
"SACKED! A CAPITAL LOSS" [with a history of the RIDERS]

For EDMONTON FANS , A great article about last years AMAZING GREY CUP WIN + a preview :thup:


Looking back at : GEORGE REED and LEO LEWIS! JOHNNY BRIGHT and DAVE RAIMEY. :thup:

A preview of ALL 8 CFL teams :thup:

An article about RIDER PRIDE [SASK.] :thup:

A CFL FANTASY LEAGUE , pick the winners in 2006 contest for 2 tickets to the 2007 GREY CUP ! :wink:

Really great CFL stuff. :smiley: :thup:

good stuff, but why the 2007 GC, did they do something for the 2006 GC last issue?

Its out already? I'll be besieging Chapters tomorrow!

You have to pick all of the winning teams for all the CFL games this season [2006].

The ones who pick the most correctly wins for the 2006 season wins the tickets for the 2007 GREY CUP. :thup:

I checked out Chapters today and I didn’t see a copy on the shelf. Are you a subscriber HelloThere? Do you get the copies before they hit the stands?

I'm glad to hear it's still available. I was worried that the mag had gone under. But it's good to see it's still going strong, and that it just hibernates over the winter. I gotta get me a subscription ... until then I'll settle for picking it up in stores. Sounds like a good one ... I'm interested to see what they have to say about the Renegades.

I am and I may get mine first , but you can contact them at :thup: [toll free] at 1-866-264-3235. :thup: They are friendly and can tell you which stores in what city may sell them :thup:

According to them , the first year was very good.

The RIDERS article is great.

Thanks for the help HelloThere. I'll give them a call tomorrow to figure things out.

Frankly, I'd like to buy it off the shelf for awhile even though I can get it cheaper through subscription. I feel that stores need to have it on the shelves for potential fans to brouse through. Can't really get new readers if it ain't there to read.

But if I am unable to get it here (Kitchener/Waterloo) then I'll get a subscription immediately!

NO PROBLEM...I can send you my copy of the MAG if you PM me with an address [free of charge] , but my copy will not have the CFL picks contest entry form. Sorry I used it. :cowboy:

I have already read mine. :cowboy:

Anybody in Quebec is a subscriber and received his? I'm a subscriber and haven't received anything. It's been almost a month since hellothere received his...

contact them [TOLL FREE]




Hey ! I received it today ! Hellothere, you must be about to receive the next issue already! :stuck_out_tongue:

no I usually don't get my next issue until JULY. But with the season starting a little sooner this year , maybe. :thup:

how do I get it online???

Theres a link to the CFL magazine on the home page, perhaps that can help.

HelloThere. I got a copy from Chapters. It finally hit the shelves here. Good stuff. Happy to get the season going!

Now what do you think? Should this magazine begin devoting coverage to the CIS? Give some lip service to the future players? Rate the university level teams? I do. Wider appeal for fans.

I totally agree , write them. I did and I got my letter printed. Not many people write.

They did have some collage stuff last year. Player spot lights , ect. But no ranking ect...GREAT IDEA :thup: