CFL Magazine availability. 2020 - 2021

Is there a publication available for the CFL such as Lindy or Athlon for the USA version.
i am a Brit and i get to see the CFL games on ESPN here. It would be useful to have rosters and such like to hand. Been trying to find something for ages with no luck....any input welcome......................?

Thanks for joining us Pete. I can't think of anything off of the top of my head, but then the magazine industry seems to be going the way of the blacksmith or typewriter. The closest thing would probably be stay on this website or cfldb

The CFL used to have a yearly magazine, but it's been quite a few years now. I have one from 2000 and it was called "2000 CFL Facts, Figures and Records". One half inch thick and I see the price was $19.95. Has Team info, Rosters, Player Bios, Records, All Star Teams back to 1963 etc. etc.
Was quite an in depth Production.

CFLdb is a useful site for all kinds of stats and info on the league.

The team sites also do a pretty good job of listing the rosters for each game. As I recall from last season, Hamilton in particular does a good job at presenting both teams' rosters for each of their games.

Thanks for the posts.......have learnt something already......................did not know about CFLDB..........................shall be looking at that in the future................when ever that is.
stay safe one and all!

There was a monthly publication called Canadian Football News in the 1960s and early 1970s, published by the same company that produced the Hockey News. It was gone by about 1974-75, I believe. Over the years since, a few magazines catering to CFL fans have sprung up, but all have quickly died. There just isn't a big enough market for this stuff to attract enough advertising to make it work financially.

The Facts, Figures & Records book has been rebranded as CFL Guide & Record Book and is still being published.

2019 CFL Guide & Record Book

I have physical copies of the book for every year 1985-2019


I had no idea you could still get that CFL Guide. Great for checking stats etc. Sadly not much available in stores anymore about the CFL. Maybe the internet is partly to blame as we can look a lot up there. This year will be different for sure with the half schedule and all.

I thought they stopped publishing those a few years ago

Question; do you by any wild chance have the years from US expansion? (93 to 95)
If you had those PDFs would love to see them