CFL magazine , a review.

I just got my copy today.

The mag , is very PRO with full colour pictures , great quailty paper and photos , and some fantastic writing.

Much better quailty than MaCLEANS , as an example. :smiley:

This issue has EAST , WEST previews…a small report from the NFL…A PRIMER for new fans…kids corner…Where are they now? [this issue] RUSS JACKSON and TOM WILKIE…QUEBEC’S FOOTBALL FACTORY…ect…


It is well worth the price and this issue is a collectors item. :wink:

I think the magazine is great…but, even though the content was good, the layout was lacking. They should have each teams schedule with each teams preview articles…with a little colour added (e.g., have the argos preview in a blue background…etc.).

But overall, its a great mag.

Picky, picky…loll :lol: :wink: …Don’t you just love those BIG coloured pictures?..and I love the EDMONTION season tickets add. VERY FUNNY!

I also the love opening letter from , the editor.

I can’t believe this…the paper quailty is better than TIME or MaCleans.COOL.

You have good idea…write the editor. :arrow:

I need to know where it will be available in Montreal.

I did not subscribe yet because I’m about to move and didn’t want to lose issues over adresses change, but tonight, I went to “La Maison de la Presse Internationale”, a chain of store that sells only magazines and newspapers, and holds pretty much all that exists. They had no idea what that magazine was about, so they haven’t ordered any.

Can anybody tell me if/where it will be available in Montreal?

the director of circulation : Gorden


I think that is in EDMONTON…I am not sure but the MAG comes from there.

did you find out ? 8)

WHERE CAN YOU GET THIS MAGAZINE!!??? :shock: what kind of stores!???

go to …HOME…at this site and look under fan zone for publications.

OR check out the # in this thread. :wink:


the magazine is available at chapters

no problem

Is it available in all Chapters locations? I live about 4 hours away from the Argos, so Im wondering if I will see this mag, which I so desperatly want but dont have a credit card to purchase/order online…

Can you send a CHECK?..or phone them at the number, provided at this thread. :wink:

hey if any of you Fans want to know i found and bought the CFL Magazine which was on sale at Chapters today i don’t if they sell it in all of the chainstores but i was happy they had it. if anyone wants to know what is inside and have question please feel free to ask

if anyone has the priemer issue of the CFL magazine there is a article by BC Lions fan named John Rovere who supports a tenth team in the East the reason well he states this: “BCLions Have no Labor Day Rival” therefore i felt it was neccessary to bring this to all of your attention.

hey what happen to me labor day thread and how come you guys came here so quickly

Im a subscriber to the CFL Magazine but I was wondering if the CFL itself makes money of this. I dont think they make the magazine but would CanMedia Inc. have to pay the CFL??

?? anyone

Bueller Bueller??

?? I would think the CFL would get some money…

Thanks for who ever decides to answer me!!