CFL Maganzine And Cards!!!

:D I can't wait for the CFL magazine to come out and the new cards also to come out! :!: Anyone know how much they also go for :?:

P.S. GO ARGOS!!!!!!!

Click on the promotions drop down menu and there is a link to CFL Magazine

I have ordered mine…and I also bought the 2 CFL DVDS out now.

I want to subscribe to the CFL Magazine, but I'll move in about 7 weeks. So instead of subscribing and changing adress right away (best way to miss an issue) I thought it might be better to wait to be at the other place before subscribing. But it would help to know when the first issue will get out and if it will be available in kiosks in Montreal.

Anybody knows.

"The Official CFL Magazine's premiere issue is scheduled for Kick-Off in June! "

Any one have the CFL DVDS...........?

I have the Rider one

I think that CFL TRADITIONS DVD is really great. I have the ARGO one and the CBC’S 2 DVD set of the 2004 GREY CUP. I was there and I like the, Tragically HIP.

I should grab the Stampeders one I haven't yet hopefully another CFL traditions is released pushing the stars and big games

The ARGO one was great and very detailed…but what I really loved was the history of the CFL on each edition.

I want TRADITIONS , to do one about , all time great GREY CUPS. :smiley:

ANY one else have their favourite teams " CFL TRADTIONS" DVD or the CBC'S.......... "2004 GREY CUP Experience ".................. 2 DVD set?