CFL Mag ranks Riders last in division

CFL magazine editor predicts Riders will be last in the West this year. (from issue titled Sacked!)

Seems like a reasonable prediction.

This season, whichever teams finish last might be the best in years because of improved parity in CFL. Gambling sportsbooks also have Saskatchewan ranked last in the western division. But top handicappers risking real money tend to be the best forecasters in sports.

I wouldn't be surprised if the team finishing last in the West had the same record with those finishing 2nd and 3rd.

what is the date of this CFL magazine?

what do they rank the other teams?

Yes it could very well be that the Riders finish last, but the same thing could said for the Loins, Esks and Stamps. This division will be very close, and predictions are guesses, go back and look at people who predicted where teams in MLB,NFL and NHL would finish in past years and see how wrong they were!

i can promise no alberta team finishes last.

Why? do you have a magic wand that will make the teams finish first and second?? You have no idea where any team will finish, and with the Eskimo Oline in a rebuilding mode, Ray could running for his life a lot this year. So unless you know something that we dont, by all means share it with us.

no doubt about it, the west will be tight this year. predictions are fun this time of year, but basically worthless. A couple of starting QBs go down with an injury, and that changes everything in my opinion. Add in late NFL cuts and the laughable trade deadline in this league, and I'm at a loss to predict who will finish where.
No predictions from me this year, I'm just going to cheer on my team and hope our top reciever doesn't go down with an injury in Hamilton again.

Apparently the esks o-line did pretty well against the sask d-line in preseason. And only allowed 2 sacks(and I heard one of them was Johnson’s fault), which is a lot less than most people expected.

i believe that the west will be largely decided by injuries...

Kind of hard to say with so many 2nd string and rookies playing on both side. May have been only two sacks but the Edmonton QB’s were on their back a heck of a lot.

If my "Loins finished last, I’d be pretty upset, too. :lol:

lol those perdictions mean nothing at all, the west is so close anyone could finish anywhere, its gonna be a war out there week after week, what nhl anyalists predicted carolina and edmonton to be in the stanley cup finals? probably none of them.

It’s only pre-season, so a lot of second and third stringers were playing, so the stats in this game are not a precursor to what is going to happen in the regular season. Saskatchewan had 75 players on the roster for this game and Edmonton was missing key players. When all the teams line up for real in a week and half then we’ll know how good Edmonton’s O-line is.

By the way, averaging two sacks a game would have put a team in fifth position last year in least sacks against.

…OH…but you seem to have a lot of magic going for you ,there sambo…with your Bomber predictions…so maybe you can share with us how you acquired your soothsaying ability…over the likes of the great …sports prognisticators…and betting gurus…just take what you said in your post and apply it to all the bunk you have said about the Big Blue… :lol: :lol: …i think your guilty of a lot of double speak…

I never said my predictions were infallible papa, but DG seems to think he can see into the future.... like I said predictions are GUESSES and I could be very wrong, but only time will tell, what he said was he PROMISED that no Alberta team will finish last... sounds like more than a prediction to me papa....

...well you ALMOST said the same thing about the way the way the Bombers will finish this year....and o.k i will give you this... d.g. is probably as close in his predictions (really just guesses) you are with yours....whatever.. its going to be very tight in the west..thats a given.. :rockin:

Of course predictions can be wrong, thanks for sharing that insight.


Guess: to form an opinion of from little or no evidence

Predict:foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason

...yes EE...but the meanings are very i am predicting....some of the guesses are right....and guessing that some of the predictions are wrong......and i bet i'm right...but could be wrong..but is it LOGICAL.. :? :lol:

I was listening to the radio this morning and they said the CFL magazine had Calgary last in the West.