CFL Madden Rosters Mid-Season Update

Hey guys!
I just uploaded the CFL rosters for those who want to create their own CFL Madden game.
If anybody has Madden 08 on XBox 360, can you edit a players name and attributes? If not, the XBox or PS2 is the end of the road for the game :frowning: I'm working on Madden 2006 now, love the "passing year" and the nicer graphics. But I'm not sure yet.

For those of you who sent me your memory cards recently, you will be getting the new updated Rosters on 2005 With a half-version of 2006 (the all-stars are done).


Very nice my friend.

You might like these. Download great helmets and other various CFL graphics....for Madden 07.

lol thanks for updating now marty, I just finished making all my players on saturday. Thanks for grouping it by teams again, makes it easier for print out.

SWEET link!
If I had a computer that was good enough to play Madden 08, I think I'd start my rosters too.

I am digusted about how the New Madden 08 does not have ANY new logos in the create a team mode. Disgusted! How many years has it been since they had the exact same crappy team logos in the game?

Use the alaphabet for most CFL teams:

I have Madden 08 for 360, you can edit the players names some other stuff but you cant edit the ratings I don't think.

Is there any way you can confirm it. It would be a HUGE help if I knew what options it can/cant do.
Need to be able to
-Create A Team
-Edit player names
-Edit players ratings

well you can create a team and create players, by creating players you can pick the ratings. You cant edit the ratings after they are made.