CFL Madden 07 PC League

Hey, Im making a madden league... the only difference is that its with CFL Rosters. Im still working on my Rosters but there getting close to being done. here is the website (Not Finished Yet)

Since theres only 8 teams you will want to try and get your favourite teams fast. So

Heres some Pics from the Roster file i made for it

Sorry there so big

WOW! The graphics on PC look GREAT!!!
Love that you can import logos on PC but not on platforms :frowning:
Maybe I'll ditch my XBox next year and work my rosters on PC.
You using my rosters for the players?
The ratings should be very accurate.

Looks fantastic, debating whether or not I should pick it up for the PC now.

Those are awsome can you post more pics!?

how in the world did you get logos and such?

Ill post more on the league website in a few minutes

New Screenshots are up: ... out10.html

On PC you can import any logos and feild logos :smiley:

I don't have a PC but I have to really admire your efforts Marty. Well done!