CFL Losing players to the NFL not good

Well, I'll admit that I don't like it when we lose good players like Cam Wake... but what are you gonna do? I certainly can't blame these guys for wanting a little more money.

That said, this signing makes a little more sense. Mullen was looking like a pretty good returner. Lumbala still leaves me scratching my head. :lol: But as long as the Lions still have Ian Smart, I don't think it'll be a big loss for them.

I agree, its frustrating to see cfl teams lose continuaty wich takes time to build a team! BUt i think the CFL should make Imports sign a letter of intent to commit to the CFL if they have no option to play in their own country at the time they sign in the CFL. "WE will give you an oportunity so you have to commit to us as well!"Also there should be a cut off date for imports to sign , aug 15th imho any other player moves should be via trades

I don't see how continuity is a problem... The Eskimos still have Ricky Ray, Jason Tucker (as a coach), Kamau Peterson, Calvin McCarty, etc. The Lions still have Jarius Jackson, Buck Pierce, Geroy Simon, Paris Jackson, etc. The Roughriders still have Darian Durant, Wes Cates, etc. The Stampeders still have Henry Burris, Ken-yon Rambo, Nik Lewis, Sandro DeAngelis, etc. The Alouttes still have AC, Ben Cahoon, Kerry Watkins, Damon Duval, etc. And those are just players off the top of my head.

Exactly Chief. :thup:

Players on teams in the NFL switch teams with free agency or the "can't miss" qb's like Ryan Leaf don't last etc.

I would like to see the CFL make it so that a player that signs a contract in another league not be eligible to play in the CFL for the same calander year. It might make some guys think twice about going cause if they get cut their out of football for a year.

....I notice you didn't go down the Bomber roster....but then you stated once you don't follow us much....Take a look at this year already one potential....barely a year.... and we're far from being a tier -one team..... just a team trying to rebuild ..and with those losses are hindering that attempt... I could go back into the past and bring-up some key names, that have never returned, that hurt the club....Continuity is a problem when you are in a business that depends on it.....Fans like to see the same up and coming players on the roster (at least for more than a 'blink and they're gone') They like to pick up a programme and see someone they recognize and watch him develop.... It provides fan/team identification which is an intangible a lot of people forget.. Teams that have the luxury of keeping established players ,like a lot you have named ,chief, is great....They don't have any or at least have exhausted their nfl 'so-called dream'....the opposite is true of a team struggling to rebuild... they need continuity..Something has to change..

The agreement did expire a couple years ago I believe but nothing has changed with the way things have worked between the two league when it comes to signing players. They respect our contracts, we respect theres, option year players only have a small window of time to get picked up by an NFL team, etc.

....i didn't realize that it's been that long since the agreement expired.....all the more reason to up-date and refresh the working conditions between the two leagues and get it in step with today...I think for the exposure our league gives some of these very talented players , that eventually leads to enhancing their careers...we are selling ourselves short by not retaining their services for a little longer than what now exists...just my take.. :wink:

Hey, it sucks that rebuilding isn't going well in Winnipeg, but I don't think we need to drastically change things just because of one team. As I mentioned, other teams have plenty of stars that have been around for a while. I'm sure once Winnipeg gets turned out, that team will have plenty of identifiable players. I mean, before this whole rebuilding process, you guys had two of the most identifiable players in the league in Milt Stegall and Charles Roberts. All teams go through dry spells. Doesn't mean the league has trouble creating identifiable players.

Again, well said once again Chief.

.....Nowhere in my post did i say the league had trouble creating identifiable players..... Also it's not only Wpg. that's losing quality guys after a short stint....ask the cats.leos and argo fans......And who said there had to be 'drastic' changes.....they will come eventually when the league realizes there is a few holes to don't see any????? i know a few fans and management types that do :wink:

Why don't we just go and get Arenas from the NBA to stick around as a receiver in the CFL, he's recognizable I'd say, eh? :wink:

I just want to see some decent football, if the names change year to year, I don't give a flying f to be brutally honest.

And I know a few fans and management types who don't... so where does that put us? :roll: :lol:

news flash, al's returner larry taylor signs w/Jets

Saw that on TSN. Good for him. :wink:

This why i started this post is becuse we are talking about it, and that is good, i guess it can work both ways and it is not going to change, so i guess they have to make the best of it.

the only example i can think of , on how it hurts our league is we lost Cameron Wake, and Stepan Logan, this year because of the NFl and because of this season tickets were down a lot and the fact they were losing too.

That is just one example.

So you dont care if there are any more Earl Winfields, Carl Coulters Rob Hitchcocks, just no name CFL? :frowning: Football is a team sport, Players have to play within systems , constant player turnover does not equate with good football teams, that's why IMHO some Cfl teams could win games against some nfl team,s _ Both the Riders and Al,s have solid "Teams" which take time to build, What i don't understand is why the NFL needs to raid CFL rosters, Isn't the NFL the "Best in the World" :roll:

its actually a compliment to the CFL if the NFL thinks there are players in CFL "worthy" of a look.

Guys should be allowed to chase their dream. More often then not however it really impacts their carreer when they return to our league. That's the sad part.

Kenton Keith: Damaged Leg, has hardly played al game since coming back, likely to be released.

Etienne Boulay: Lost his starter's position

Pat Woodcock: Huge drop off, ruined what could have been a long carreer.

Michael Jenkins: Came back with a damaged leg, bounced around for a year then his carreer was cut short.

That's just off the top of my head.

I'm pretty sure they would've lost regardless. They also released a couple key guys... Floyd, Clermont, etc. Besides, Foley really stepped up after Wake left.