CFL looking into hosting GREY CUP in Quebec City or Halifax

A neutral site Grey Cup for the league? It might happen. Heard on TSN radio on media row today of the CFL looking at hosting a Grey Cup in 2-3 yrs either in Quebec City or Halifax.

I personally think this would be an amazing way to get a 10th or 11th team and it would be a wonderful national event for the hosted city.


Um.... No.

Hamilton has not had a Grey Cup in 20 years. Teams out West love to host. Won't happen.

Word on the street is that the festival will indeed be hosted in Québec City or Halifax, but the game will be played in Toronto.

Can’t wait to see the stadiums in Halifax or Quebec City filled to the rafters in 2-3 years. Oh, wait a minute. There is no stadium.

Possibly your stupidest thread yet, which is saying something.

That's not a bad idea.

But it might not be a good one either. What exactly would they do at the GC Festival in Halifax or Quebec if the game is played in Toronto? My source suggested: Drink, watch some cheerleader routines and CFL highlight videos?

Looking to host in what 10- 20 years whenever a suitable stadium is ever built in either of those 2 locales?

Come on, they both have stadia. They could easily boost the seating to 20,000 each. Then, QC could host the first half and Halifax the second half, thus bringing attendance up above this year's Cup at BMO. And the festival will be held in Moncton to allow access to both cities.

And the halftime show will be held in Charlottetown. My sources tell me.

This is dumb. Video conference the fans???

If Halifax actually were given a provisional team like the Ottawa team had for a number of years ; then it would make sense to help pay the costs of a team start up and give resolve to getting that stadium built .

The city whether QC or Halifax would have to promise to build a CFL stadium for the all the league teams to allow the money go to a city not involved with the CFL . They the cities would need to bid on it with the provision that a pro stadium with all the modern touches was being built for this to ever happen .

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Okay, I'm convinced.

A possible future of the CFL would be to have teams in more cities with smaller stadiums anyways so an idea like this, while seemingly weird, isn't all that weird at all.

The future of the league is digital transmission, cable, computer not bums in the seats, IMHO so a 10-15 seater could work just fine and it brings more teams into the league.

Perhaps someone is on the Autism Spectrum????

I have no issues with the CFL having fan fest things in cities to get CFL fans in those cities pumped but Grey Cup. NO!!!

Hamilton should get the next eastern game once it heads west again. It was amazing in 96 as an Argoholic walking in the parade and getting yelled at as I kissed my mini Grey Cup. Made the front page of the TO Sun that year. Oh and that was the year we renamed the stadium Argo Wynne Stadium. haha, great times, yah Hambone again please.
I got TV time in Hamilton as the bus drivers wanted to strike and a reporter asked me for my opinion and I said tell the lazy buggers to get their A$$'s back in their seats. haha.

Hey Argonauts, you got a problem with people who may have autistic spectrum disorders? :smiley:

Not at all as my nephew does. I just understand it more. Too bad my brother and sister in law have swept it under the rug and not gotten the little dude any help. I think about it a TON really. He's brilliant but needs some guidance for lack of a better word. I didn't say it to offend.


Really, it's a no-brainer, isn't it? :lol:

In all seriousness, I think it would be a good idea for the league to try something like that (especially in Halifax which is quite far from any previous Grey Cup host city) IF there were in fact suitable venues. Adding a few more cities to the current and long-standing rotation of 8//9 markets could help add to the feeling that hosting a cup is a special and noteworthy event.

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