CFL looking into all 2007 rookie contracts

An arbitration system and a salary cap are 2 different things

I appreciate that. But the arbitration statement was made to support a suggestion as to how powerful or successful the CFLPA is relative to the NFLPA.

There are many indicators of success, and I brought up a couple others that pointed in the other direction, that's all.

I follow you but I dont find the fact that the NFL envies the CFL's arbitration system hard to believe

Perhaps, but on the whole, it would be kind of like Monaco envying Darfur for its desert-scapes.

Okay, your going to make me go look for that quote now, arn't you..... :lol:

Why? He agreed with you.

Dang glasses.....he did, didn't he. :oops:

I should become an on-field Official! :lol:

You're too smart for that.