CFL Looking Good!!

With this years Grey Cup game coming up in Winnipeg during the week of November 24 to to the Big Game on the 29th the annual address by the commissioner on the state of the CFL will take place and I have to say as a fan that the CFL is looking good after so many years of up's and downs.

The CFL has held it's own as a sport in Canada and is the oldest and with the Grey Cup game the most viewed and watched over the years.

The recent transformation of the CFL in markets like the return to Ottawa have made the league that much more appealing to fans in Canada and South of the Border in the United States. Along with the addition of new stadiums being constructed or refurbished in every CFL city and market in Canada has brought the game up to date and made it that much more appealing to all fans.

Recent story on Ottawa and the return: ... -1.3321042

I'm certain with the move by the Toronto Argos into BMO Field next season in 2016 and the upcoming move by the Riders into their new state of the art stadium in 2017 in Regina that the league will be that much more attractive and fun for all fans across Canada and keep the rivalry alive of East Vs. West in the annual Grey Cup game.

It would be great to see the expansion of the CFL in Canada with at least two more teams added, especially in markets like Quebec and the Maritimes. I think a team in Quebec City would give the CFL a balance in that market with Montreal and of course the East coast in Moncton or Halifax which ever comes to plate first and is serious about a team in that market.

The CFL can only do so much by showing interest in certain markets they believe will balance the league but each individual city must spend the money and do the preliminary work to sell the CFL on their City as a potential host of a team and provide the finances and local ownership to support a team.

I hope more cities in Canada step forward like owners have done in Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto and so on and make the game that much more exciting and truly a Canadian Game!!


Stick your head in the sand. 1 in four fans has simply walked away from the CFL in the last 5 years.. Attitudes like yours will see the league continue to shrink.. Braley needs to be forced out and Wetenhall too. This league needs new blood in a very very bad way, and the players need to learn the rules and be fined for taking stupid penalties

You have certifiable data to support your 1 in 4 fans walking away from the CFL in the last five years? With the negativity you offer in almost every Post you submit why do you even bother with the CFL, why don't you join the 1 in four group?
It appears you have never taken your head out of the sand.

I disagree with you Mr. Bungle the game has changed over the years and only got better to make markets more viable in Canada and south of the border in the US and gave the league an opportunity to survive, grow and prosper.

Unfortunately in life we will always have doubting folk like Mr. Bungle they come and go and are about a dime a dozen but true fans of the CFL and of football in Canada will always support the game. It's called Pride and it doesn't matter if it's Rider Pride or Tiger Pride or Stamps Pride the fans will continue to support this great game and support the sport and teams we enjoy here in Canada.

Owners like David Braley in BC, past in Toronto and Bob Wetenhall in Montreal and Bob Young in Hamilton have brought new life into the sport that will only grow further from here.

If you are so high and mighty Mr. Bungle why didn't you buy a team and show all CFL fans how it's done? Yes I thought so lots of hot air but No action!

You don't bring in new blood by being negative and unsupportive of the CFL you step up to the plate and welcome anyone who has a solid interest in purchasing a team present or new and developing a market in a City in Canada and give credit to those who took the risk before hand that help build our league.


In 2010 The CFL averaged 806 k on TSN… This year it was 590… As for new blood, The Canucks offered to buy the Lions 5 years ago

viewership is down 15% this season, and was down last season. RDS has went up, which is the one positive. now there was some healthy competition in the WWC, Pan Am and the Jays run, so we shall see next season, but it is 2 declines in a row, so that is not a great sign. No panic button yet, but something that does earn attention. My concern is that the average fan that I talk to is watching less because they feel most games are painful to watch with the flags and replays. That may be a centralized problem, but I really don’t think it is. I know lots of people that used to watch 2+ games a week and watch only 1 now, and I know many that have simply turned it off. Not great news.

I will put it this way, if you were and investor a few years ago the CFL was pretty appealing. Right now there is no way that the interest level is not down a bit from that.

The biggest issue this year was a lack of parity. I don't remember a year in which there was bigger gap between the good teams and bad teams. I know I watched a lot less games this year mostly because I was bummed the Riders were so bad. I still went to the games (attendance was really good for Rider games) but most people only had a passing interest in the rest of the league.

Attendance was down, but there's no reason those same fans won't watch again if the CFL corrects it's mistakes and makes the games more exciting.

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Unfortunately Duane Forde and Rod Black were not part of the cuts.

I remember the days when people had to throw the ball back to finish the game. And I remember reams being fined the price of a new ball when players thru them into the stands.

Umm almost every year there are very weak teams .I'm not going to list them year by year, take a look back at previous years standings .This is the first time in years and ......years that the East had 4 solid teams.

I wish this was still the case. 15 yard penalty for that is unnecessary, IMO.

Well you're close.....The East actually had 3 solid teams this year. The Alouettes finished up at 6-12 and 8 pts behind the other 3 teams so I wouldn't consider that very solid. Here are a few interesting facts about this season.....#1- This is the 1rst time in CFL history that 3 teams from the East all had double digit wins in the same season........#2- This is also the 1rst time in CFL history that the East/West finals has a Calgary at Edmonton and an Hamilton at Ottawa combination as the final 4 teams......#3- Ottawa became only the 3rd team in the last 33 yrs to go from a 2 win season and last place to a 1rst place finish the next season. Toronto did the trick in "82" (9-6-1) and the Cats did the trick in "98" (12-5-1)

Obviously you are unfamiliar with the 2014 season. :roll:

lol 1 in 4 fans, who tracks that??? I have seen a growth in the fanbase in Hamilton, winning cures everything especially in the CFL...unless you're the Argos but lets hope with some creative marketing strategies and new ownership that will change.

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Bungle strikes again !!!! :roll: :cowboy:

I think Bungle that 1 in 4 people would agree that......