CFL looking at using Square balls..

yea no. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have wondered for a long long time how the design for an oval shaped ball came into existence?

even before football as we know it came into play.

how did they figure out that you could throw this ball and kick it a certain way?

anyone have some sort of information on it?

…ever seen square rocks? neither, so I’m betting cavemen were responsible…

in all seriousness though, from that trusted source of all info, wikipedia:

Until 1870, rugby was played with a near spherical ball with an inner-tube made of a pig’s bladder. In 1870 Richard Lindon introduced rubber inner-tubes and because of the pliability of rubber the shape gradually changed from a sphere to an egg. In 1892 the RFU endorsed ovalness as the compulsory shape. The gradual flattening of the ball continued over the years

…so it happened gradually over time, like how the riders compile grey cup wins

And it's only January. . . this is going to be one long offseason. . .

All of them seem like an eternity, that's my only beef with the CFL.

:lol: :lol: Ouch!

It is not possible to have a square rock. A square is a 2 dimensional shape and rocks are 3 dimensional. /nerd


yea that was good! :thup:

Once our stadium situation is concluded which will be soon, we'll be back on the main board to put checks into threads like this. 8)

half of us will be in the ground by then.

The big vote Jan. 24 here in Hamilton by council. Feb. 1 the end by Toronto 2015 and the announcement of the stadium to what city mid Feb. Troop is serious this time.

:lol: Two good zingers in one thread. Wow.

Actually, I prefer this debate than another expansion debate on the merits of Saskatoon, Red Deer and Victoria... :roll: :roll:

I have to admit, you've got a point there !

I still don't know why people continually overlook the merits of Fort Mac. I mean, they certainly have a lot of people with money to burn up there! Granted security will have their hands full with a stadium of coked up drunken oil workers, but that's just a detail. Also, this way, thousands of Newfies will be able to attend a game in person.


yah but would all those drug addicts who spend their money .. waste their money be able to spend some on a football game?

What about a new system for paying to see the games like instead of money for a seat, you just drop off at the gate a six pack or 12 pack or some hits, joints etc. :wink: