CFL looking at NHL replay method

Interesting that they are looking at this:

An NHL employee told The Spec that Tom Higgins and George Black of the CFL visited the NHL "war room" last Monday night to watch how the hockey league handles video replays from a central location. The CFL may move in that direction.

Its about time. Have an off field offical make the decision.

I would rather have them approach the SEC or Big Ten to see how they do things rather than the NHL. The NHL system is fine but stinking slow!!! Our replay delays are too long as it is I couldn’t stand them to be longer. NCAA conferences have two off field officials that replay the play in question in all available angles and make a decision.

I completely agree that they should take some of the pressure off of the on field official and allow him to merely be a cog in the wheel rather than the wheel itself.

I heard several times on TSN while an instant replay was being reviewed that it was already a done deal. Starting in 2009 head office will make the decison of instant replays calls. The referee is trained to make the quick decision call when he is told to go back and review it makes it hard for them and the league head office says reviewing plays will be easier, in that review box they say the quality of picture isn't all that good.

I suspected the quality of the on-field review box wasn't that great but thanks for confirming calgaryred.

And the results show that.