CFL looking at new footballs?

never heard one player complain about the balls they have been using. don’t fix what aint broke

Having said that, improving grip is one thing. Playing around with logo and color is another.

I disagree that improving the QBs feel for the football is a small thing. If it improves the QB play then it is important.

The NFL about 12 years ago allowed visiting teams to use their own balls at the urging of Manning and others.
The scoring went up immediately as did the winning percentages of visiting teams.
That said the stitched on stripes were not liked a few years ago in the CFL. There were complains that the ball was tougher to throw, it nosedived. Maybe the technology is better now.

But these "small" steps together can be huge. We need many small improvements. Not big splashy ones.

The changes made in illegal procedure could be huge. As was legalizing the waggle years ago. As was the one foot in bounds change.

Love the tradition, but if the players say that one ball will help them perform better, its important to at least take a look at it.

Not sure how changing the colour of the stripe would help players perform better. The texture, grip, and feel? Definitely. The stitched stripes? Possibly, although previous experience with that indicates otherwise. The colour of the stripe? Uhhhh....

But these "small" steps together can be huge. We need many small improvements. Not big splashy ones.
Good point slant. Agree that if it's just a black stripe but the same technology used for the stitched in white stripe a few years back that didn't seem to work, what is the point? If it's aesthetics the league wants to not show wobblers as much when wobblers are thrown but still just want the stripe thing, get rid of the stripes and go back to no stripes at all. Who cares if it will look just like the current NFL ball.

I read somewhere once that the white stripes make the ball slightly more slippery. Dunno if that's true or not, but I kinda like the black stripe, for what it's worth. I also agree the logo could be a tad smaller.


It has actually just occurred to me that the white logo actually serves a functional purpose and renders the white stripes somewhat redundant, because the logo will cause the ball to appear to flicker when thrown. The white stripes would therefore, from a visual standpoint anyway, be unnecessary.

As for the size of the logo it's just a subjective thing for me. It just looks maybe 10% too big. /shrug

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I understand the role of tradition, but it should never get in the way of progress. If changing the ball will somehow result in a better game, change it should.
If players are advocating for the change, it should be considered.
Personally, I like the black stripes.

Well yes, as rpaege suggests, the white logo does sort of make the white stripes redundant so if stripes are to be used, then black seems the way to go.

For interests sakes, here's a 1958 Cleveland Browns signed football, white ball with black stripes:


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@CFL_News I would agree keep the stripes white. But not painted on. It's a terrible feel.

I don't think it's that drastic to go with black instead of white stripes . NCAA footballs are half white stripes . The NFL no stripes . We no longer have the J5V Spalding and have a more NFL sized Wilson ball for years now .

I like that the laces and stitching in black it goes with the black stripes .

The CFL lettering should be emblazoned on with a black or silver maple leaf instead of the logo it would look so much richer .

The grip and the ability to catch the ball is the most important if the stripes make it harder to catch the ball get rid of them altogether .

The grip and the ability to catch the ball is the most important if the stripes make it harder to catch the ball get rid of them altogether

Agree completely.

I think this is the current official NBA basketball, correct me if I’m wrong, but the black stripes look ok I’d say:

looks like a rugby ball to me

in any case, different game, different ball, different stripes, or something like that

looks like a rugby ball to me
Or a weird type of golf ball? :wink:

[i]True, but the basketball has a much lighter shade of brown. The light brown allows the black to stand out.

With the CFL ball being dark brown, the black stripes do not contrast with the brown at all. Horrible color scheme! Keep the white stripes or have no stripes at all.

Is the designer of this horrible looking football the same person who designed the awful new CFL logo?

Johnny is not looking forward to seeing the new uniforms... [/i]

No way man once you go black you never go back .

yup, once is enough, never do it again :wink:

Are white stripes and white laces not supposed to make the ball easier to see for receivers ?

I think I read that somewhere.

When you run, your eyes are bouncing, then in a stadium you have all these colours the eyes and brain has to focus on.
Sky, sun, rain, fans, other players. Would make sense the white would be better for the eye to focus on.

Regardless, I do not see what the point is. It is like the CFL management has to much time on their hands.
New CFL logo and black stripes.

Cmon guys, vacuum the rugs , mop the floor, organize some files or something important.

In other words, there must be anything more important to do. Called priority listing.